Hell's Kitchen: Preview of Episode 5.6 "11 Chefs Compete"
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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From FOX's official press release:

Hell's Kitchen keeps kosher and Top 10 chefs are revealed Thursday, March 12, on FOX.

Teams feel the heat when Chef Ramsay challenges them to prepare food for a bar mitzvah. Each team must prepare fine dining versions of the guest of honor's three favorite dishes. Although the chefs perform one of their best services yet, the intensity of Hell's Kitchen keeps dinner from being perfect.  Tune in to see who Chef Ramsay puts on the chopping block leaving only the Top 10 to continue in the kitchen when "11 Chefs Compete" on Hell's Kitchen airing Thursday, March 12 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

The 11 remaining chefs are:

Andrea Heinly, 30, a line cook from Reading, PA
Ben Walanka, 26, an executive sous chef from Chicago, IL
Carol Scott, 30, a sous chef from Knoxville, TN
Coi, 22, a cafe cook from Austin, TX
Danny Veltri, 23, an executive chef from Edgewater, FL
Giovanni Filipponi, 37, an executive chef from Destin, FL
J Maxwell, 32, a food court chef from Clifton Park, NY
LA (Alicia), 23, a line cook from Las Vegas, NV
Lacey D'Angelo, 24, a corporate buffet cook from Charlotte, NC
Paula Dasilva, 28, an executive sous chef from Coconut Creek, FL
Robert Hesse, 29, a sous chef from Quogue, NY

Source: FOX
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