Hell's Kitchen: More Developments in Gordon Ramsay Fraud Lawsuit
As we reported last month, a lawsuit has been filed against Gordon Ramsay by a food professional featured in one of his reality shows. It is not, surprisingly, one of his Hell's Kitchen contestants suing for the emotional distress caused by his non-stop hollering. Rather, the lawsuit was filed by someone from his show Kitchen Nightmares.

Martin Hyde was the manager of a restaurant featured in Kitchen Nightmares, a show in which Ramsay tries to turn around a failing restaurant using his special brand of tough love delivered via expletive-filled screaming. Hyde claimed in the lawsuit that Ramsay and his producers essentially rigged the show, and altered circumstances to better support their show's angle. Hyde also alleges that the claims Kitchen Nightmare made about its success in improving business were false.

However, additional details have recently come to light that might dispute this allegation.

For one thing, the owner of the restaurant himself claims that business has, in fact, improved since Ramsay stepped in. The New York Observer sent a reporter to check it out, and while business seemed incredibly slow while the reporter was there, readers have written in to support the owner's view and Ramsay's claims.
Additionally, if, in fact, business was not improved, it's hard to know if Ramsay could have actually done anything to help in the first place. As the Observer notes, the restaurant in question had recently switched from a relatively-successful Irish pub food type of venue to serving Indian fare. It had already lost a good deal of its regular customer base during the transition, and it's possible the location (ironically not too far away from the real New York City neighborhood named Hell's Kitchen) just could not support that particular cuisine.

As additional developments arise in the case against the Hell's Kitchen star, BuddyTV will continue to bring you the updates.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: New York Observer

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