Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.8 Recap
In last week's one-of-a-kind episode of Hell's Kitchen, Chef Gordon Ramsay screamed at the contestants, kicked a trash can, and was forced to shut the kitchen down.  Wait, that's pretty much every episode of Hell's Kitchen, isn't it?  Last week, Ramsay unleashed his powerful fury upon Ben, who managed to consistently destroy the Lamb Wellington with his ineptitude.  Though most of the men's team failed during dinner service, Ramsay couldn't wait to send Ben packing.

Tonight, one of the women transfers to the men's team, and a chef has an accident in the kitchen that sends a fingertip flying.  Let's hope it doesn't land in someone's risotto.

The women are trying to decide who to send to the men's team.  Corey wants to get rid of Jen, but Jen thinks she's "a manipulative ass bitch."  That about sums it up.  However, when it comes time to send someone to the blue team, Jen volunteers.  She thinks it'll make an excellent impression if she can join the men and kick some butt.

For this week's challenge, the chefs have to choose 20 items, divide them amongst the team, and incorporate all of them into their dishes.  If they don't use a total of 20 different ingredients, they'll automatically lose the challenge.  The women quickly choose their ingredients, but the men's team has some trouble.  It takes them over ten minutes just to get the elements of their recipe together, and it doesn't help that Jen wants to grab everything in sight.

If you thought that Matt's performance last week was a sign that he was improving, you were wrong.  While preparing his part of the dish, Matt accidentally cuts the tip of his finger off with a knife.  While he gets first aid, Ramsay starts searching for the missing fingertip.  Did it fall into the sizzling pancetta?  Yum!

While the red team prays that they don't serve human flesh with their meal, the blue team has trouble communicating.  They can only use each ingredient one time, but with no one talking to each other things get complicated.  As time runs out, both teams manage to get their dishes ready, though they may not be up to Ramsay's standards.

Christina's fried snapper is deemed a success, while Petrozza's souflee also goes over well.  Jen and "nine fingered Matt" both have quail, and Jen's is deemed the tastier dish.  When it comes time for Louross to present his red snapper, he has to admit that he only used four ingredients instead of five.  That gives his team a total of only 19 items.  The team tried to push Louross to add veal to his plate, but he left it off because it wouldn't have worked with the fish.  The men's team loses due to the chef's decision.

The losing team has to stay behind and clean, while the lucky ladies get to go to a photo shoot for In Touch Magazine.  As the men's team does load after load of laundry, Jen starts to regret her decision to switch sides.  She looks ready to pick Louross up and drown him in the sink, but somehow she resists the urge.

While the teams prepare for dinner service, Jen and Louross bicker like they're in a community theater production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?  Meanwhile, the women's team is feeling better than ever without Jen weighing them down.  Ramsay tells the chefs that two prestigious food critics will be arriving for dinner tonight.  Well, that should prove disastrous.

Hell's Kitchen is open!  To start things off, the food critics will be trying some scallops and risotto from each kitchen, which should be easy enough to cook.  Corey and Christina impress them with their appetizers, while Louross also kicks butt for the red team.  That may be the only time I've ever seen appetizers go out on the first attempt.

Both teams are having trouble with their meat tonight.  Matt tries to serve up three different sizes of beef, while Petrozza slices the meat earlier than he's supposed to.  This causes Ramsay to scream and kick a trash can, which means we've hit nearly all of the requirements for our Hell's Kitchen drinking game.

Petrozza's mistake costs the team serious time, but Jen steps up and gets things back on track.  On the women's team, Christina tries to serve up dry salmon, then takes ages to whip up another filet.  It eventually goes out, but the critics are less than impressed.

It's taken Rosann a while to screw things up tonight, but you can always count on her to fail sooner or later. Not only does she burn some vegetables, but when Ramsay demands carrot puree, she claims that she's nearly out of carrots.  This causes Ramsay to bash his head into the wall over and over again, which is rather hilarious.

Last week aside, Matt has also proved to be a consistent failure in the kitchen. The meat he cooks is initially too raw, and then looks like a dried out cow patty after he puts it back on the grill.  Matt's extreme incompetence finally causes Ramsay to. . .


Well, he shuts down the red side anyway.  Ramsay recruits a few members of the blue team to finish up their orders, while Jen hollers out an effusive, "That's what you get, bitches!"

The critics enjoyed the food from the men's team, but they found the women's dishes to be flavorless and awful.  Ramsay asks Corey to nominate two people for elimination, and she chooses Matt and Rosann. Ramsay also adds Christina into the mix for having a bad night.

The person leaving Hell's Kitchen tonight is. . .Rosann.  That's an excellent choice, in my opinion.   Come back tomorrow to read our exclusive interview with the ousted chef.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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