Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.8 Dine or Dash?
Other than Matt cutting off the top of his finger last night on Hell's Kitchen, it was pretty much business as usual. Sure the presence of the critics might have added a little extra pressure, but otherwise, well, you know the drill. There was Gordon Ramsay screaming, in-fighting between the chefs, and some buckling under the rigors of service.

However, despite all the conflict and the performance issues, there were still some standouts. Which chefs pulled through and performed and which ones would send customers running for the exits?


In a first for the Dine and Dash column, I'm going to give the whole kit and caboodle to the Blue Team. Sure, Louross screwed up his team by not adding the veal (although I respect his strong sense that he shouldn't add an element that would not work with his dish), Petrozza couldn't resist the urge to cut his meat way too early and Jen was certainly, shall we say, in a mood for the entire episode of Hell's Kitchen. But the fact that they pulled together a successful service despite these factors makes it even more impressive.


That means the Red Team ends up in the Dash category. Corey might have demonstrated some ability that night, but overall the team fell apart. Matt lost the bit of traction he'd gained last week, Rosann continued to fail and was rightfully sent home, and Christina didn't live up to the potential Ramsay had seen in her.

Considering that they had had a day of ego-boosting attention, and that the person they blamed for bad vibes in the group was gone, they demonstrated the kind of performance you would expect from a team dealing with the tension the Blue Team had. It's not just a loss; it's a squandering of a lead.

Can Corey and Christina pull it together next week? Or will Jen's departure prove to have been the unraveling of the Red Team? We'll find out on next week's Hell's Kitchen.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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