Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.7 Dine or Dash?
This week on Hell's Kitchen, the mini-alliance of Ben and Bobby was broken up as Ben was sent home for being unable to get it together. I had had early hopes for Ben due to the fact that he didn't seem to be a total idiot (which is saying a lot sometimes on Hell's Kitchen) and because he was pretty, but the pretty ones always disappoint, do they not?

The diners sure were disappointed during service as after some success over recent episodes the kitchens were once again forced to shut down after Ramsay had had enough. So which chefs still managed to succeed despite the night's challenges?


Christina was able to pull off some success on the meat station, and while Petrozza has struggled in the past with some elements of cooking, he once again demonstrated some maturity and leadership by owning up to his failures. This is a risky move with someone like Ramsay, but it paid off for him.

Matt definitely had a turnaround this week on Hell's Kitchen, but I'm still not ready to put him in the top spot. Why? Because look at Christina: her team also targeted her, didn't listen to her, and treated her with some level of disrespect. She didn't try to hop teams, she stuck it out in a difficult environment AND cooked well. If Matt can only cook well when he feels respected, that doesn't really give him a ton of leeway.


Ben just couldn't seem to get it together on during the episode, and while his point might be valid about the challenges of adjusting to a new station, he should have known better than to bring it up to Ramsay right then. Rosann continues to struggle in the kitchen, this week not hitting the mark with her seafood. I don't see how she could possibly stick around much longer, but we'll see.

Jen was off her game in a big way, but I didn't put her on the list because I think her overall performance has been strong enough to withstand one night of being frustrated and off-kilter. Plus, at least she has some moxie, something that might ultimately work in her favor as competition will eventually turn from a team event to every man or woman for him- or herself.

However, we still have the teams for the interim, so next week, the big question is which woman will have to switch to the men's team? We'll find out on next week's Hell's Kitchen.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of Fox)