Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.6 Recap
Last week on Hell's Kitchen, both teams shocked the world by actually completing a successful dinner service.  Yet instead of leading to tearful hugs and joyous celebration, this culinary triumph caused the chefs to turn on one another.  The women's team put Christina up for elimination because she's too condescending, and the men's team nominated Louross for having a lackluster week.  In the end, Chef Gordon Ramsay decided not to send either of them home.  Maybe he was feeling nice, or maybe the producers needed everyone to stay after Vanessa quit the competition due to her hand injury.

Tonight, the 10 remaining contestants whip up tasty delights for a Sweet 16 party.  I hope that the girl being honored takes a cue from South Park and demands someone bake her an Acura cake.

The day after Vanessa's elimination, the chefs meet Ramsay at the local farmers market to learn about their new challenge.  He tells them that they'll be cooking for a Sweet 16 party.  The teams have 25 minutes to come up with one appetizer and two entrées for the shindig.  Let the arguing begin!

The women quickly decide on their meals, but the men are too busy bickering with one another to get things done quickly.  Matt tries to make suggestions, but nobody cares to hear what he has to say.  After the shopping is done, the teams have 45 minutes to prepare all three dishes.  This would be a good time for teamwork, but Matt is so tired of being ignored that he has no desire to help more than he has to.  He's ready to quit the competition.

When it comes time to present the dishes to Ramsay, Matt admits that he had little input into the menu.  His team now hates him more than ever.  Ramsay brings in the birthday girl, Melissa, to do the taste test on the dishes.  She picks the men's stuffed chicken wing for the appetizer, and the women's fish dish as the first entrée.  The teams are now tied.  For the second entrée, Melissa chooses the men's surf and turf.  Wow! They actually won a challenge for once!

As a punishment for losing the challenge, the ladies have to deal with Francisco the party planner.  He's a bit flamboyant and determined to make the room absolutely "sparklicious," which is now my new favorite word. They also have to deal with the birthday girl's mother, who gets in a tizzy over the color of the dishes. Meanwhile, the men get to take out their aggression by racing go-karts and eating junk food.

Alright, it's time for the dinner service to begin.  Francisco the Sparklicious Party Planner announces Melissa's entrance, and the chefs are off and ready to go.  Both teams immediately have trouble with their appetizers.  Ben doesn't put enough sauce on the chicken wings, and Christina can't cook a decent risotto. As I said in my very first recap of the season, you're doomed if you don't know how to cook a risotto.

Both the birthday girl and her mother send their entrées back.  Rosann is responsible for Melissa's meat being undercooked, while Matt served dry fish to her mother.  Could these two be any more useless?  It's not long before Ramsay is running around and screaming, "I need Melissa's beef!"  He eventually takes Rosann off the station and cooks the meat himself.  She's definitely getting eliminated tonight.

Matt tries to redo the halibut, but since he can't tell the difference between raw and cooked, Bobby steps in and saves the day.  When Ramsay sees that Matt has allowed his station to be taken over, he blows his top and starts screaming.  In the other kitchen, the team turns against Shayna because she moves like a blob of molasses.

Despite the setbacks, the chefs actually manage to complete the dinner service.  Afterwards, Ramsay has one more surprise for the birthday girl: a performance by her favorite band!  Except that I totally don't believe it's her favorite band, because I've never heard of them in my life.  I think they're called The Pink Brothers, which is probably a Jonas Brothers cover band or something.

For the second week in a row, Ramsay decides that there's no losing team.  Each team has to choose one person to nominate for elimination.  To no one's surprise, the men put Matt on the chopping block.  The women choose to nominate Shayna for being supremely slow, but Ramsay adds Rosann into the mix as well.

The person leaving Hell's Kitchen tonight is. . .Shayna.  What?  After Rosann failed so badly on the meat station that Ramsay had to cook it himself?  That decision makes no sense to me, but this is Gordon Ramsay's house and he'll do whatever he wants.  To prove that he's the boss, he decides that Matt will cook on the women's team next week.  Will he do a better job with the ladies, or will he drag them down to his level?

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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