Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.3 Dine or Dash?
In trying to pick some top contenders for the Dine half of this column – that being the designation for the chefs who did the best in the most recent episode of Hell's Kitchen 4 – I have to say our commenter BuddysBunny made a very good observation in a response to my Hell's Kitchen episode 4.3 predictions column. She noted that “At this point it not who should go home but is there any one who should stay?”

An excellent point and one of the challenge of making some picks for a top spot this week: does any one chef's performance truly deserve to be called out as a positive? Hell's Kitchen the restaurant may need strong chefs, but Hell's Kitchen the TV show runs on a fuel called incompetence, and the rattled chefs of this season are certainly keep the engine humming so far.



So I guess I will go along with Gordon Ramsay's own picks for this episode, and say that Christina and Petrozza were, as he puts it, the best of the worst. And while there is certainly something to be said for Corey's decision last week to make nominations for elimination based on personal strategy, I do think that Christina and Petrozza made the right choice by instead focusing on the chefs they found the weakest. Corey's strategy might work later, but for now, the chefs have to work together and succeed as a team. The only way to do that is to keep the group as strong as possible by eliminating the weak links.

I am also adding Louross to the top spot because I have just decided right now he's one of my favorites. He actually seems pretty bright plus I admire how well-groomed his eyebrows are. What? It's not like I can taste his food; I have to make the calls based on something. I think such tidy personal hygiene could speak to precision in the kitchen. Or something. Whatever, I just like the kid.

So who was the worst of the lot and would make us Dash for the exit?



Jason, hands down. I'm normally on a hair-trigger for taking offense at someone maligning us ladyfolk, but he was so absurdly over-the-top, even I couldn't get worked up about it. Seriously, dude, get your own house in order before you start making disparaging comments about the performance of others.

As close runners-up to Jason, Craig really butchered the butchering challenge. I like Vanessa as a person but she's got to cowboy up in this competition.  We'll see if they can pull it together next week on Hell's Kitchen 4.


(And an aside: seriously, is Shayna even on this show?  Have I just been momentarily blacking out or something and missing her screentime?  It's hard for a show to give us all the personalities this early in the season, but I dont think I've seen a show edited to appear as though they just entirely forgot about an additional contestant.  Curious.)

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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