Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.10 Recap
Last week on Hell's Kitchen, the remaining chefs were given the opportunity to design their own three course dinner menus.  One would think that cooking from a menu of their own creation would have made for a flawless service, but of course that wasn't the case.  Matt decided to season the appetizers with his sweat, Jen served up a worthless soufflé, and Louross almost killed everyone by cooking up raw steaks.  In the end, Ramsay allowed Petrozza to decide who should be eliminated, and it was Louross who paid the ultimate price.

Tonight, season 3 winner Rock Harper returns to dish out some advice, and the two teams are finally merged into one.

The day after elimination, the chefs are blindfolded and taken to the roof of The London West Hollywood, which is Ramsay's new restaurant.  This is where the winner of Hell's Kitchen will be working, assuming anyone proves to be competent enough.  Ramsay informs the contestants that the two teams are merging into one, then brings out some burly guys with briefcases containing 250 grand to show the chefs what's on the line.  Were the Deal or No Deal girls unavailable?

Now that the chefs are inspired to work harder, they go back to Hell's Kitchen for today's challenge.  They each get one ingredient and are told to create something delicious and innovative.  Matt gets veal, Christina gets sea bass, Bobby has to deal with duck, Petrozza has chicken, Jen gets beef, and Corey is given a lobster.

The contestants present their dishes to Ramsay, and Matt's veal is surprisingly tasty.  He's actually capable of doing something right!  Who knew?  All of the chefs do a good job, but Bobby's duck ends up being tough, while Corey's lobster soup wasn't nearly creative enough.  Much to the dismay of everyone else, Jen wins the competition and gets her creative rib eye dish added to Ramsay's menu.  She also gets to fly to Vegas and have dinner with Rock Harper.  Jen chooses Corey to go with her.

While the two ladies head to Sin City, the other four competitors have to spend the day unloading delivery trucks.  Again with the manual labor!  This is why I don't work in a kitchen.  It may be hell to participate in, but it's certainly fun to watch, especially since Matt whines through the entire activity like a five-year-old.  Bobby is afraid he's going to go all Full Metal Jacket on everyone.  What's Matt's major malfunction, anyway?

Jen and Corey meet up with Rock at his restaurant, and he fills them in on exactly what Ramsay expects from them.  Will his advice help them succeed in the kitchen?  After they return, Christina lets them know that Matt has lost his mind.  Apparently the manual labor was too much for Matt's fragile little brain, because now he's puttering around acting like a mental patient.  If Matt snaps and kills someone it could be the most exciting hour of Hell's Kitchen ever!

Now that the chefs are acting as one team, Ramsay tells them what stations they'll be working.  Matt and Christina, who have spent the entire day bickering, will be forced to team up to cook the meat.  The kitchen opens, and Jen immediately steps up, takes charge, and starts sending out excellent risotto dishes. Petrozza, who is also on appetizers, is sending out dirty crap like he always does.  Even with a few mistakes they manage to get half their appetizers out in half an hour.

To no one's surprise, Matt starts to screw things up on the meat station the instant the orders roll in.  Corey thinks that he has to get his head in the game, which forces me to picture Matt dancing to "Get'cha Head in the Game" from High School Musical.  Can't you just see him shimmying alongside Zac Efron?  Anyway, Christina doesn't fare much better when Ramsay catches her cooking two different types of meat in the same pan.  Unacceptable!

Corey is in charge of getting the garnish together for the chicken, but things go horribly wrong when she burns her hand.  Ramsay demands she go to the medic, and her short absence causes some orders to get backed up.  Just when things are beginning to get back on track, Matt give Ramsay an aneurysm by serving up overcooked meat.  Matt responds to the criticism by moping around like a five-year-old once again, forcing the other chefs to wonder if he's having a mental breakdown.  If Matt doesn't get eliminated tonight, there is no justice in the land of reality TV.

After Matt makes up approximately 18,000 excuses for why he's screwing up so much, Ramsay tells him to go back to the dorm and lay down.  If he's going to act like a five-year-old, Ramsay's going to treat him like one.  Matt gets some company back in the dorms when Ramsay tells Jen to leave the kitchen after she burns some rice.  Shortly thereafter he decides that all the chefs are useless, and that means it's time to. . .


Ramsay tells the team to choose two people for elimination, and they decide on Matt and Christina.  Crazy Matty thinks that everyone will be eliminated before him, which proves he's both annoying and delusional. Bobby says it best when he states that Matt "deserves to be kicked off the universe."  When it comes time to face Ramsay, Corey admits that she deserves to be on the chopping block as well, and he's more than happy to add her to the mix.

The person leaving Hell's Kitchen tonight is. . .Matt.  Oh, thank the heavens!  Look for our exclusive interview with Crazy Matty tomorrow.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of FOX)