Exclusive Interview: Matt of 'Hell's Kitchen'
Exclusive Interview: Matt of 'Hell's Kitchen'
There have been many memorable contestants throughout the four seasons of Hell's Kitchen, but few of them have stirred up as much controversy as Matt.  Despite causing Ramsay to vomit with his signature dish, making numerous mistakes, slicing the top of his finger off, and clashing with nearly all of his teammates, Matt held on and somehow made it into the top six.  It was an amazing run, but Matt's luck finally ran out last night when he had a breakdown on the meat station.  Gordon Ramsay, who couldn't put up with any more of Matt's excuses, finally sent the chef home.

Today we had a chance to sit down with Matt to discuss his attitude in the kitchen, the main problem with the men's team, and his thoughts on who should make the top two.  Read on for the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview.

Hi, this is Don from BuddyTV, and today I'm talking to Matt from Hell's Kitchen.  I'm wondering what experience you had prior to going on the show, and what made you decide to try out for Hell's Kitchen?

I've been a sous chef in the casinos in Atlantic City.  I've been a sous chef in Philadelphia.  I just wanted the experience and the challenge.

It seemed like the stress in last night's episode got to you more than usual.  Would you say it was Ramsay's screaming or was it working with the other chefs?  What made things so difficult that night?

I wasn't stressed, I was just being me.  I was being funny.

Do you think people misinterpreted that?

Yeah.  If you don't know me, then it's tough to know me.  I have a ton of friends and they all think it was funny. My sister thought it was funny last night.

A lot of the chefs who had bad things to say about you and who you clashed with actually ended up going home a lot earlier than you did.  What do you think helped you make it to the top six?

I stuck in there, and I think I do have a lot of talent.  I think I'm a very talented chef.  I guess that helped it.  I think Ramsay liked me.

What was going through your mind on that first day when Ramsay tried your signature dish?

I was laughing.  I was holding back laughter, and I was just amazed that he was throwing up.

Was that something you had made often before?

Yeah, I've done that dish before, and I've done it a few times since.

It seemed like when you were on the women's team you excelled and you got along pretty well with everyone, but last night things went wrong with Christina.  What exactly happened there?

During our punishment something happened where my integrity got tested.  People were acting the fool and I was pissed by it.  Christina told me to stop acting like a baby, and I'm like, "You have no room to talk, because you cried when we went surfing.  You cry every time we're in front of Ramsay."

Did you feel more comfortable in general working on the women's team, or did you like going back to the men's team?

Going on the women's team, although Corey is the biggest bitch I ever met in my life, the women communicated.  If you saw Corey and Jen's relationship, when it came to dinner service they pushed all that aside.  I mean, the women acted more like teammates and professionally pushed everything aside.  They put the teamwork in, and the effort.

I was going to ask about the men's team, because there's been a lot of conflict this season, but it seems like it's worse for the men.  Do you think that's just because they don't communicate as well? What went wrong on that team?

There was lack of communication.  Nobody wanted to communicate with anyone, and then Ben wanted to play this sneaky game of trying to get in Bobby's ear and get people thrown off.  It was a lot of snaky crap going on.

Which challenge on the show was toughest for you, and which did you think you did the best at?

Actually, the toughest challenge was the easiest one: boning a chicken.  That was the easiest thing to do, yet it was tough because it was so easy.

Which challenge did you really do great at?

Definitely the palate tasting.

Out of all of the other contestants that you worked with, who do you think has what it takes to make it to the end of the show?

I'd like to see Bobby and Jen make it to the end of the show.  I think them two have a lot to offer.

Now that you're done with the show what are you going to do in the future?

I'm the executive chef of a restaurant right now in south Jersey, Pizzicato, in Marlton.   And I hope to do more TV.

- Interview conducted by Don Williams
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