Exclusive Interview: Louross of 'Hell's Kitchen'
Exclusive Interview: Louross of 'Hell's Kitchen'
When it came time to eliminate someone on last night's exciting episode of Hell's Kitchen, Chef Gordon Ramsay left the decision up to Petrozza.  Though the chef pondered sending Jen home for her terrible communication skills, he eventually decided that it was time for Louross to go.  Louross had stepped up and taken charge earlier in the competition, but he was undeniably the team's weak link during last night's dinner service.  His inability to send out properly cooked meat almost forced Ramsay to shut down his station, and he paid dearly for his mistakes.

Today we had a chance to sit down with Louross to discuss his elimination, his thoughts on working with Jen, and his plans for the future.  Read on for the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview.

Hi, this is Don from BuddyTV and today I'm talking to Louross from Hell's Kitchen.  I was wondering what experience you had prior to going on the show and what made you decide to try out for Hell's Kitchen?

What made me try out for Hell's Kitchen was I came into work and I looked at the bulletin board, my Chef de Cuisine and my sous chef was there, so I'm looking at it and I'm all, "Hey, there's a try out here for Hell's Kitchen."  My coworkers didn't want to try out for it, but I looked at my chef and I'm all, "You know what, I'm going to try out for it."  My chef was just like, "You know what, you should go and do it, do it, do it.  You got the personality, just do it."  And I'm all, "Alright, cool."  The audition was held at Mirage, at Jet Nightclub.  I went there right after my overnights.  So I did an 11 to 7 and went straight to Mirage.  Literally, it was a passel of culinarians, chefs and everything with their portfolio, everything ready to go.  With me, I had my resume and everything, it was so funny that everybody was dressed up in their chef's coats and I was straight up like grungy, like a grungy Filipino Fonzie with my mohawk just up in the air.  One thing led to another, I went to the interview, they liked it, and there it is.

I was pretty surprised that you went home last night, because it seemed like you just had one particularly bad night.  What went wrong on the meat station?

Just the timing, everything just went down hill.  Everything was going smooth, I was pushing out meat.  But later on down the road I just lost meat.  I ran out, I had to cook some more.  Of course filet mignon doesn't cook that fast, it's thick steak.  It was the timing.  Sending it back raw, it hurt.

Do you think you would have gone home if Ramsay had made the decision instead of Petrozza?

I don't think so.  I think I would have just stayed.  My energy was there, I had everything going on.  I think he would have sent Jen home because Jen just had an attitude problem.  Ramsay is looking for a person with a positive attitude and good energy and everything, but if you're just going to bring the whole world down to you just because you got in trouble and then you're going to bring your teammates down, that's not going to work for the kitchen.  I think, deep down inside, 110 percent, he would have said, "Jen, go home."

What was the mood on the team like after Jen came aboard?  It seemed like you clashed with her quite a bit.

I think she wasn't even supposed to be on our team.  Corey was supposed to be on our team.  I talked to Corey on the side, I was like, "Come on, man."  Me and Corey had a little talk.  Man, I tell you, when Jen went to our team, I looked at Petrozza and Bobby.  We had this face like, "Yeah, we're done."

In last week's challenge with the 20 ingredients it looked like the team kind of turned on you because of that thing with the veal.


What was your reason for leaving the veal off of the plate?

It wasn't even agreed to put the veal on there.  Bobby took so much ingredient he didn't know what to do anymore.  I had pancetta on my tray, Jen takes it.  I looked at her like, "What are you doing?"  So I went for I believe mushrooms, snapper, lemon preserves, and onion I believe, or garlic.  Back to the 20 challenge, Bobby didn't know what to do with the veal and then he was like, "You should do a surf and turf," and I was like, "Uh huh, what?"  I went like that.  Then Jen joins the bandwagon and was just like, "Yeah, I think you should do a surf and turf."  That is not a surf and turf, okay, like literally putting veal with snapper.  Just because you put fish and meat together, we're going to call it a surf and turf.  No.  Like literally she should have a reality check on her flavor profile because I guarantee you no one will eat that.

Out of the other contestants that you worked with, who do you think has what it takes to make it to the finals?

To me, I think I would push along with Corey.  Corey or Christina.  Both are young at heart, both are young at their age, they've got a lot of things going for them.

Now that you're done with the show, what's in the future for you?

I actually run my own kitchen now, it's called Big Galileo.  It's located in the Ritz Carlton Hotel Lake Las Vegas.  Basically it's my own menu, it's just basically simple bar food. Includes Kobe burgers, lobster, BLT. Stuff that really sticks to your ribs.  That's what I'm doing now, that's basically in my career now.  I'm still pushing on the culinary.  I'm not going to give that up.  That's what I do for a living, I eat and breathe and I sleep culinary.  That's my passion.  So whatever happens next, I'm just going to keep on pushing it and just I'm going to move on.

- Interview conducted by Don Williams

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