'Big Brother 16' Recap: The Detonators Turn on Each Other
'Big Brother 16' Recap: The Detonators Turn on Each Other
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Congratulations, Britney Haynes, you no longer have to suffer with the knowledge that your alliance had the dumbest name of all-time. While she often mocked the stupidity of the name Quack Pack in season 14, that's nothing compared to the Rationale of Big Brother 16. The alliance itself has potential to make a big difference in the game, but the name is ridiculous and pompous, like something a bunch of philosophy majors would name their college alt-rock band. Let's just hope they don't immediately decide to cannibalize themselves like the Bomb Squad and the Detonators.

This episode of Big Brother 16 also includes Caleb and Victoria's revealing punishments from winning the Battle of the Block, a crazy Power of Veto competition and a lot of bad news for fans of the Zach Attack.

Battle of the Block Punishments

Zach throws himself a pity party after losing the Battle of the Block, but Jocasta is used to it and Nicole is still gunning to backdoor Frankie, who slithers into her HoH bed and talks about how a war is coming. He has no idea the war against him has already begun.

BotB winners Caleb and Victoria must endure three punishments. They're on slop for two weeks, one of them must shave their head and they get chained together for 48 hours while wearing Adam and Even costumes. Caleb throws a beastmode hissyfit over shaving his head. He claims it's worse than being on the block, prompting Zach to call him a "fruit loop dingus busta fooligan." The man is a poet.

Caleb and Victoria get their leaf-covered bathing suits for "Adam and Eve," and it's the funniest odd couple ever. He calls her a nincompoop to her face and she hilarious shoots herself in the head with a finger gun when he's not watching. They can't stand each other at all, which makes it the best punishment ever. Then Caleb shaves his head and Frankie talks about how arousing it is.

The Rationale

Nicole, Hayden, Derrick and Cody solidify their four-person alliance and name it the Rationale because they're all rational thinkers. Haycole love it, but Derrick understands that he's playing both sides and is worried that he will have to choose between the Rationale (which he calls a dumb name) and the Detonators. Derrick and Cody are perfectly positioned in the middle, waiting to see which way the scales tip.

Christine Shoots Herself in the Foot

Christine wants Zach gone because he nominated her last week, even though he's technically in the Detonators with her. She tries to solidify her alliance with Nicole by saying she should put up Derrick or Cody against Zach if the PoV is used. She also says that Zach told her that Hayden is keeping him and that Hayden is making out with Victoria. Christine is so proud of herself for her masterful manipulation to win back her BFF.

But she shouldn't be. Nicole reports the news back to Hayden and sees through Christine's lies. Nicole and Hayden talk about how bad Christine is and how they don't trust her at all. Christine has played a pretty passive game, and now she finally decides to make an active move and it's a total disaster.

Nicole also tells Cody about Christine's lies, including the suggestion to nominate him or Derrick. Cody talks to Derrick and tells him that he believes her and thinks Christine and Frankie are playing them. This is not good news for Derrick.

The Power of Veto Competition

Caleb, Christine and Victoria are picked to play. That's almost the worst possible draw for Nicole's plan to backdoor Frankie, but Zach thinks it's great because he's playing against losers. If he loses, he asks us to call him the biggest fruit loop dingus in Big Brother history.

The competition is played one at a time in the backyard. It has a superhero theme and they must ride a zipline to look through a window and see 16 comic book covers, then they must place them in the correct order. It's identical to the art gallery PoV that Kaitlin won last season in week 3. If they take 35 minutes, they get DQed.

Nicole makes a mistake by picking the picture of her with a small wiener, but she needs a big wiener (there's no point in making a joke because it's so obvious). Caleb wants to buy "millions of prescriptions" of Amber's comic book. Zach screws up and inverts Donny and Victoria's covers without realizing it. He starts screaming and throwing pieces and raging. Once he realizes his simple mistake, he calls himself an idiot and breaks down in defeat.

Here are the times:

Nicole: 12:20
Caleb: 15:48
Victoria: DQed at 35 minutes
Jocasta: 14:39
Christine: 11:50
Zach: 26:17

Christine wins the Power of Veto!

How fitting that, one week after Zach nominated Nicole and Christine, they win the HoH and PoV.

The Detonators Blow Up

Christine is ecstatic to ensure that Zach goes home, but she isn't sure how to do it. Does she use the PoV and hope Nicole puts up a better pawn than Jocasta or does she try to flip the house against Zach and leave the nominations the same? What she doesn't know is that, if she uses it, Nicole would backdoor Frankie, with the goal to evict him and save Zach.

Christine tells the Detonators that she wants to make sure that Zach stays, which is a lie. But she also doesn't know that Derrick and Cody are already working with Nicole and Hayden and are less willing to keep Zach than Christine thinks they are. At this point, the Detonators are lying to each other more than they're telling each other the truth, so it's probably time to declare the Detonators as dead as the Bomb Squad.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Both Zach and Jocasta don't want Christine to use the PoV because they both think they're safe. In their speeches, Zach tells a pointless and dumb joke about a grasshopper walking into a bar and Jocasta promises no hard feelings either way.

Christine does not use the Power of Veto
. That's the first time all season. Christine says she didn't want two Detonators on the block, but she still wants Zach gone. She plans to convince the Detonators to turn on Zach, but Derrick and Cody are way ahead of her. Zach is clueless and plans to sleep all week.

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