'Haven' Season 4 Interview: Eric Balfour Describes Forced Changes as 'Lucky'
'Haven' Season 4 Interview: Eric Balfour Describes Forced Changes as 'Lucky'
Christi Kassity
Christi Kassity
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With the release of Haven The Complete Third season on DVD at the beginning of the month, you should have had enough time to have binge watched in time for the season four premiere that kicked off last Friday, September 13.

Season three came like a 13-episode freight train. It was one of Haven's best seasons to date and it is really exciting to see where they are going to take it from there. The writers have this incredible ability to answer just enough questions to satiate our curiosities about certain things, but those "answers" lead to new questions about other things. I don't feel like the show goes around in circles like some shows that like to have mystery about them do. I do feel that Haven is constantly progressing in a forward motion.

Spoiler Alert!

We left off season three with Audrey (and Duke) jumping into the barn as it disappears and Nathan lying bleeding from a gunshot wound on the grass. What the heck, right? Season 4 picked up six months after the events of the finale of three. For those of who you have the season three DVD's you should have found the 16-page mini graphic novel, After The Storm, inside your DVD case which will act as a bridge between the finale of three and the premiere of four. If you have not already bought you DVD or Blu-ray then you should jump on that. The graphic novel was limited to 100,000 prints, so be sure to get yours now or risk not getting one at all.

I recently spoke to Haven star Eric Balfour about the premiere and what is going to change in Haven. "The biggest change is, you know, initially seeing how Lucas Bryant's character Nathan is going to have to change his role in how we deal with the troubles. And also how my character Duke, is going to have to relate to Nathan, and how he is going to have to help him in a way that he, as we know, has always been reluctant to do."

We discussed at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 the fact that star Emily Rose (who plays Audrey) had just had her baby when filming for season four began and wasn't there for the first six weeks of filming. That forced a few changes to be made in the writing, but Eric describes that as "lucky." "I think we were really lucky because what this did do was force us to get out of our comfort zone. It forced us to think outside the box. And what we end up with is something really exciting. The show has a whole new energy this season and a whole new sense of playfulness. And there's new characters that we introduce."

So where is Audrey? When we finally catch up with her the first thing to notice is her hair color. Uh-oh. When she's not blonde, she's not Audrey. Who is she? Where is she? Wait, is that the sheriff from Eureka that she is with? I've mentioned in previous articles that this season will feature Colin Ferguson as a recurring guest star and he will be featured primarily in scenes with "Audrey" (or whoever she will be this season). 

Eric spoke about some other guest stars that will be appearing this season. "We have two new characters primarily this season, in Emma Lahana who plays Jennifer, and Chris Camargo who plays my brother Wade. They were both an absolute breath of fresh air. They're incredible actors. Personally you know, with Emma's character, Jennifer, it creates a whole new dynamic for Duke. It's going to reveal a side of him that we've never completely seen. And I loved having her on the set. I love working with her, she is a really playful actress. She brings a lot to the table."

In conclusion, we talk to Eric about his feelings about this new season, "I really am excited about it. I really think that the audience is going to love this season because it's obviously - we try very hard to stay true to what is great about the show, but it's just always exciting when a show has to reinvent itself to a certain degree.

"I think the way that we see the cable landscape today, you can't sit on your laurels. The days of, you know, the sort of old paradigm of the procedural television show that basically is the same show episode to episode, week to week, season to season, just audiences are too dynamic today. They are too intelligent and they're too sophisticated to not want to see characters and television shows grow. And I am so proud of how much we have managed to do that this season."

I agree. So be the sophisticated, intelligent viewer that Eric Balfour knows that you are and tune into Haven every Friday night, at 10pm on SyFy.

What do you hope to see this season? What questions do want answered first? Sound off in the comments!

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