'Haven' Recap: The Trouble with Sarah
'Haven' Recap: The Trouble with Sarah
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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The Trouble with Sarah is also the Trouble with time travel. Which makes sense, considering that Sarah existed way back in 1955. So how do we get to know this lady? More importantly, what do we find out about Sarah Vernon (later Lucy Ripley, later Audrey Parker)?

Check out this Haven recap for "Sarah" to find out.

Duke Travels Through Time, Ends Up in Jail

"Sarah" begins with Duke absently looking through his grandfather's old journal. On the final page, he finds a name, Stuart Moseley. Because Duke is apparently bored or something, he goes to track down this guy.

Bad choice. Stuart Moseley is an old man with a fondness for tomatoes and an inconvenient tendency to zap people into the past when he gets nervous. And Duke makes Stuart nervous.


Duke is on a beach. He has no cell-phone reception, which turns out to be logical because he is now in 1955. This is disconcerting. So Duke does exactly what we would expect of him -- gets a drink at the Grey Gull.

None of this would be too bad if a bar fight hadn't broken out right then. Duke isn't involved, but he does grab the nice bartender just before the guy impales himself on a broken chair.

The bartender is fine -- and grateful -- but the police mistake Duke for a fighter (probably because he has long hair) and haul him off to jail.

Amusingly, the Haven police department hasn't changed much in 57 years. Same building, same likelihood that someone with a Guard tattoo is hanging out. At least being in the station gives Duke the idea to send a letter through time to Audrey.

Things Change

Meanwhile, back in the present-day, Audrey and Nathan attempt to have a meaningful conversation while strolling down the street. Ha! Like that's going to work!

It doesn't. Before Audrey can mention anything about Colorado or her '50s-era love child, she notices a rather garish comic-book store. This would be disturbing enough, but it's worse because the building is supposed to be the **Haven Herald offices. Except now, Dave killed Vince 15 years before.

What has Duke done?

It's fortunate that one of Duke's activities involved sending that letter. Audrey receives it at the police station, and she and Nathan head immediately over to tomato-loving Stuart. Who zaps Nathan to the past this time.

So maybe there was a flaw in this plan.

Duke Gives Himself a Doubloon

Roy the bartender has bailed Duke out of jail (since Duke saved his life and all). Then Roy helps Duke again by trading Duke's family-heirloom doubloon for some 1950s money. Duke immediately uses this money to buy beer.

He has to buy one for Nathan too, now that the Chief has arrived in 1955 too. They discuss time travel and such issues until Duke realizes that he may have accidentally saved the bartender's life. No big deal, right?

Wrong. That's because the bartender's name is Roy Crocker -- Duke's grandfather who was supposed to die on that day, killed by Sarah.

But wait! Sarah isn't in town. Neither, for that matter, is Stuart Moseley, the time-zapping tomato lover. That's a pretty major wrinkle in time until we learn that Stuart, a traumatized war veteran, will be arriving that very day. And he will be accompanied by a nurse by the name of Sarah Vernon.

Roy is supposed to kill Stuart, by the way, but Duke intervenes before anything can happen. The Crocker boys go back to the bar to deal with the ramifications of roughly everything while Nathan trails Sarah to the hospital.

Who's Your Daddy?

Stuart is all catatonic by the time Nathan finds him at the hospital, and Nurse Sarah isn't exactly pleased that some random guy is bothering her patient. But then Sarah pulls Nathan's ear (which hurts him) and they have a little chat.

Chatting turns into flirting. Flirting turns into a beach picnic. A beach picnic turns into Sarah coming on to Nathan and talking about seizing the day. But no -- Nathan has to leave. Boo! But wait a second -- Nathan turns around and returns to Sarah!

Then, the two proceed to seize the day on the beach. Or so we presume, since this is all off-camera.

Hold on, Sarah is pregnant shortly after this... Could there possibly be a connection? Have we just witnessed the origins of the Colorado Kid?

The Crockers Have Issues

We don't learn any more about that hypothetical family, but we do learn lots about a definite family, the Crockers. Duke wants Roy to take the family far away, thus avoiding their curse. Roy actually considers this... Until he recognizes the journal in Duke's things as his own and finds that pesky obituary.

Roy's reaction is to bash Duke over the head, tie him up and demand answers. So Duke is honest -- he's Roy's grandson, back from the future. It turns out that Duke is rather believable, and Roy buys the crazy tale. Too bad Roy's reaction is "I'm going to go kill Sarah now, before she kills me!"

That really wasn't what Duke wanted.


Although Nathan rescues Duke from his restraints fairly easily, it proves harder to convince Sarah to leave town and her patient. But Sarah -- or whoever she really is -- can't help but trust Nathan. After a goodbye (only not) kiss, she goes, taking Nathan's gun with her.

Sarah is supposed to meet Duke in the basement, which she does. It's unfortunate that Roy is there too. While Duke does manage to get both Roy and Sarah to lower their guns, Roy still has a knife. He lunges at Sarah... Who pulls the trigger.

Roy bleeds out, holding Duke's hand (and triggering those silver eyes). Everything is as it should be. However much that sucks.

Back to the Future

As is totally fair, Sarah would like some answers. Nathan actually does give her the basics and asks for her help in convincing Stuart to zap the boys back to the future. Sarah hasn't worked her Trouble mojo before, but she gets the hang of it quickly. With the help of a family photo showing the elderly Stuart Moseley, Sarah convinces her patient to think about a happy future.

Nathan and Sarah share another brief moment. Duke points out that Sarah should hang with Vince and Dave.

And the time travelers go home.

Why Do Alternate Realities Always Suck?

What has been happening in the present all this time?

Basically, life keeps getting increasingly complicated for Audrey. Stuart no longer lives at his home. Audrey is a wanted fugitive for killing the Rev. And poor Nathan died trying to save her. At least Audrey still has Claire to help her. And, as it turns out, Garland Freaking Wuornos! The old Chief is alive!

He's alive for the moment, anyway. This immediately gets called into question when some of the Rev's men surround the fugitives with guns. Audrey bravely points out that she is the only one they want and faces down the killers. One of the men shoots and...

Everything That Happened, Happened

... Everything goes back to normal. Audrey isn't a fugitive. Nathan is very much alive, although his dad is sadly dead again. In the end, none of Nathan's or Duke's actions had any lasting impact. It's like everything was fated to happen exactly as it happened.

Speaking of fate, Audrey finally gets around to telling Nathan about Sarah's son, the Colorado Kid. But Sarah didn't have a son... Ohhhhhhhh...

Let's just say Nathan isn't stupid.

Sarah Checks In

Back in 1955 one last time, Sarah places a call to her boss in Washington. She says that she would like to stay in Haven a little while longer. The boss OKs this and Sarah hangs up.

A short distance away, Agent Howard -- now dressed in Army fatigues -- hangs up a phone and frightens us all with his very presence.

Is Nathan Sarah's baby-daddy? Has Duke broken his own family's curse or is he still screwed since Sarah did the actual killing? Was Sarah the first "Audrey" or are there even more incarnations stretching into the past? Share your theories below!

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