'Harry's Law' Casting: Mark Valley, Jean Smart and Alfred Molina
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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With this latest round of casting news from Harry's Law, it's looking like the NBC legal drama has picked up just about every actor out there. A grand total of five actors have signed on to play regular and recurring roles on the series.

Mark Valley, most recently the star of the action series, Human Target, is the most recent addition to the Harry's Law cast. The actor will play an attorney hired at the firm run by eccentric lawyer Harry Korn (played by Kathy Bates). This new role marks a reunion of sorts: Mark Valley previously was a regular on Harry's Law creator David E. Kelley's former quirky-lawyer drama, Boston Legal. There is no word as to whether he will reprise his role as attorney Brad Chase (safe bet: no).

Valley is not the only new kid on the Harry's Law block going into the show's second season. Jean Smart (most recently seen as a morally-questionable governor on Hawaii Five-0) and Alfred Molina (formerly of Law & Order: Los Angeles) have been cast in major recurring roles.

Smart will appear for at least three episodes at the beginning of the season as Roseanna Remmick. Remmick is an attorney prosecuting the case of a high-profile accused murderer, Eric Sanders. Sanders himself will be played by Alfred Molina. Since Harry's legal team is responsible for Sanders' defense, there should be plenty of screen time for the two recurring characters.

That's not all for casting on Harry's Law, of course. The show let go two of its season-one characters, secretary Jenna Backstrom (Brittany Snow) and paralegal Malcolm Davies (Aml Ameen), meaning there's plenty of room for new regular characters. The character of Tommy Jefferson (played by Christopher McDonald), recurring in season 1, will be a regular role in season 2.

The other new regular character will be played by Karen Olivo. This Tony-winner will play a new character, another associate hired by Harry Korn's firm.

Harry's Law will return to NBC on September 21, when it will begin airing in a new timeslot on Wednesdays at 9pm.

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