Katie Cassidy Talks 'Harper's Island'
If being a bride-to-be carries as much pressure as they say it does, then playing one while staying in an island haunted by a homicidal psychopath must be traumatic.  However, it was an amazing experience for actress Katie Cassidy, who portrays Trish Wellington on CBS' Harper's Island.  Recently interviewed by MediaBlvd Magazine, the rising star discussed the secretive process which she had to undergo every time they had to shoot scenes for the series.

"We literally had no idea what was happening or when we would go, until we got the scripts," Cassidy revealed.  "Getting the scripts and reading them, we would always flip to the end to see who was going to make it and who wasn't." 

She continued, "It was always like Christmas morning, every time we got a script, because we would all run into the green room and open our scripts really fast, and race each other to see who could read it quicker.  It was fun, but it was also really nerve-wracking."

To enhance the enigmatic atmosphere of the series, the cast wasn't told when they were going to be killed in the show, as well as the identity of the murderer.  "It could have been any one of us," exclaimed the star.  "So, when we were shooting it, nobody really told us anything. [...]  We experienced the same thing that I think the audience will experience, which was interesting."

It was also a challenge for those behind Harper's Island to portray their characters blindly, since they didn't know the fate that awaited them.  "It was really difficult, in that sense.  But, they didn't want anyone to know because they didn't want anyone to give it away.  If you know, then you're like, "Oh, that means that, if I were a crazy psychopath killer, I would be playing this scene, this way," which would give people a clue to what was going on, and the producers and Jon Turtletaub really didn't want that." 

And like the rest of us watching the series, Cassidy just had to wait until the very end for the mystery to be solved.  "As far as I know, everybody was in the dark."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Media Blvd Magazine
(Image Courtesy of CBS)