'Harper's Island' Actresses Discuss Their Characters
It was a two-for-one deal on Harper's Island, when a couple of ladies mysteriously died on one of the series' episodes.  Actresses Abby Borycki, who played the single girl Beth, and Claudette Mink, who played stepmom Katherine Wellington, were interviewed by Hit Fix to talk about their characters on the show.

No one witnessed the murders of Beth and Katherine, but they were merely found dead by the other guests.  Both bloody, one was discovered in a tunnel and the other was seen with a pair of shears sticking out of her back.

Neither of the actresses is new to seeing their lives end on-screen, but Claudette Mink found this experience quite satisfying.  Talking about her previous expirations, she said, "I was in a pool, but my hands and my feat were bound.  I had scuba-divers shoving the air in my mouth and I was blindfolded.  It was awful.  But this death was lovely.  I got to recline on a couch."

There were also talks about having to stand out in a cast that big, knowing there are 25 suspects and even more extras on Harper's Island.  Even so, both actresses agreed that the story should be the focus of the audience.

Abby Borycki revealed, "That was the big thing on Harper's, that everybody respected the concept of the story and what Harper's Island was all about, in terms of the secrecy behind it and really just working as a team and keeping it under wraps and not telling your boyfriend or girlfriend or best friend anything.  That was all part of it, that everybody wanted it to work out."

Honoring the story was one thing, but the characters are essential to the plot.  According to the actresses, there were a lot of details about Beth and Katherine that ended up on the cutting room floor.

Mink went on: "It's like a snowball effect and I think the editors were very careful with choosing exactly what they want to show and weeding through the stuff where they thought, "Well maybe this isn't as important" or "Maybe we want to distract the viewers and have them think this instead of that" or "Maybe we're going to cut that out because it's telling too much right now.""

And as usual, there are the theories.  Claudette Mink believes that a group is working on the murders: "I think it's like three people.  That's always been my thing.  I think it's more than one killer and I think they're all probably going to kill each other in the end."

Meanwhile, Abby Broycki admitted, "I always thought it was a woman, or maybe that's what I want it to be.  I want to see one of the chicks on our show just go crazy.  But it's hard.  Some of those deaths, you wonder if one person could have put it off."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Hit Fix
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