Dean Chekvala Discusses JD's Death on 'Harper's Island'
Though he was suspected by many to be the killer, JD Dunn was later found dying and dead on Harper's Island.  The actor who plays that dark and brooding character, Dean Chekvala, spoke about his experiences filming the show and discussed the mysteries behind it.

On a recent interview with Fearnet, Dean Chekvala admitted that even he thought he was the killer.  That is, until he was discovered gutted on the pier.

"There were moments where I thought I was the killer - actually, from the every first moment," he said.  Chekvala then relayed the story about how the producers asked everyone about whether or not they'd like to know if they were actually responsible for the murders.

"I eventually realized I was the red herring, but a great character to bounce those suspicions off of, cause there is no other character like that," the actor revealed.

As for his death on Harper's Island, Dean Chekvala said that his character was gutted and more - but most of it was left for extra scenes on the DVD.  "Yeah, I was gutted," he admitted.  "We shot several versions - including one with my guts hanging out - and some cleaner versions.  I think they ended up using the cleaner versions because they weren't as graphic.  We didn't shoot anything else leading up to that scene, that would explain it, so I am led to believe it was a stabbing, or a machete or something like that."

Given his final words on Harper's Island, Dean Chekvala shared his own theory regarding the identity of the killer. I t's one that many of us believe as well, but need more clues to establish the idea.

"I actually asked them not to tell me because I wanted to watch the rest of the show and guess along with the audience," Dean said.  "But I've always felt it could be Abby.  I don't know why, if I made that up based on no evidence, but going through all the characters, she seems to be the most unlikely suspect."

Chekvala continued: "Maybe she is schizophrenic or has a split personality or something.   But [the cast] would talk about this every week, when we would get the script, so now I have kind of been convinced against that, and thought Jimmy might be a good suspect.  He's very unassuming in a sense.  I don't think it is the sheriff - I feel like the sheriff already has a lot of secrets."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Fearnet
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