Chloe and Cal of 'Harper's Island' Talk Love and Death
On Harper's Island, Chloe and Cal were the romantic duo to keep an eye on.  They stole the scene from the soon-to-be bride and groom, especially because of their touching demise.  Actors Cameron Richardson and Adam Campbell recently talked to HitFix about their stint on the hit CBS thriller, discussing the evolution and relationship of their characters.

"I think it would have been nice to survive if our death hadn't been quite so poetic and beautiful," explained Adam Campbell, who plays the British doctor Cal.  "I think they wrote a fantastic death scene for us, and personally I think that's the best way to leave the show."

Despite their memorable departure from Harper's Island, neither of the two actors thought they'd get to stay on that long on the series.  "I didn't think I was going to make it as far as I did.  I thought I was going to be done after Episode Seven," Cameron Richardson said.

"I thought we were very fortunate to make it to Episode 11," added Campbell.  "At the end of Episode 10, I was filming with Matt Barr and Karim [Zreik] just sidled up to me and I think he just said, "Dude."  And I said, "OK."  And I knew that was it."

As for the evolution of their characters, both agreed that it was a pleasant surprise to develop from their labels - "The Flirt" and "The Outsider" - into something bigger.  We witnessed how Cal and Chloe's love for each other deepened their participation in the story, much to our delight.

"I, personally, had no idea that my character would eventually have so much depth," Richardson said of Chloe.  "I was really happy the way it turned out and she showed more than just one spectrum of Flirty Fun Girl.  They showed her having a heart and being in love and wanting love and fighting for her love.  That made me really happy."

"It was great that we had such an arc," Campbell went on.  "We started being very jokey and jovial. I certainly started, like you said, foppish and a bit stupid.  And by the end, what a great journey we had and to die in that way, we ended as heroes, really."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: HitFix
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