'Hannibal' Recap: Lost Identities
'Hannibal' Recap: Lost Identities
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Hannibal continued down a familiar path with Will's mind and body giving out on him due to his undiagnosed illness and the return of killer Dr. Gideon, the fake Chesapeake Ripper. Hannibal played both Will and Gideon to his advantage in order to protect his true serial killer identity. Will Hannibal's affection for Will lead him to help cure his patient's illness? Or, will Hannibal keep it a secret to keep Will in a compromised mental situation?

The Return of Dr. Gideon

Dr. Gideon was suing Dr. Chilton for planting the idea in his patient's mind that he was the Chesapeake Ripper. He believed that Chilton was responsible for his killing of the nurse. While being transported, Gideon killed the guards and then hung their organs from trees like ornaments and scrambled their brains.

Gideon was lost and didn't know who he was any more. Will believed that the real Ripper would never have left the organs behind further proving that Gideon was a fake. Though, Gideon was killing to try and prove he was the Ripper.

Will Continues to Deteriorate

As has been the case over the last few episodes, Will continued to mentally and physically deteriorate. While he's not aware that he has an illness, Hannibal knows that Will is not going crazy, but has an infection which the doctor continued to keep secret.

Just as Gideon was having an identity crisis, so was Will. He continued to have delusions and thought he was seeing Hobbes, when it was really Gideon in front of him. Will also was being drowned in his visions while asleep and awake.

Gideon Goes After His Doctors

Gideon started to go after his doctors. He first killed Dr. Carruthers and called Freddie Lounds to cover it. She thought she was meeting with Carruthers, but was confronted by Gideon and a dead Carruthers who had his tongue turned into a tie.

Freddie wrote a story about the killing in order to attract the attention of the real Ripper and draw him out. Gideon then took Chilton to the observatory with Freddie as a witness. Gideon removed Chilton's organs while Freddie gave him oxygen to keep him alive.

Gideon's plan worked to draw the Ripper's attention, but he didn't show up at the observatory. Instead, the Ripper killed another man in the same manner as Carruthers, but removed his arm to signify where Gideon was hiding.

Jack took a team to the observatory and found Freddie and Chilton. Will was waiting in Gideon's car for him and took him to Hannibal. Will had a seizure and Hannibal used that moment to move his plan with Gideon forward.

Hannibal pointed Gideon in Alana's direction and he went to her house. Will followed and the two men both were there unsure of their true identity. In the end, Will ended up shooting Gideon.

It's All About Will

Will was taken to the hospital with a fever of 105 degrees and very ill. The doctors weren't sure what was causing Will's illness and Hannibal remained silent on that topic. Jack was confident that Will would recover. Hannibal expressed doubt and wanted Jack to rescind Will's firearm license, but Will's boss refused. 

Hannibal went to see his therapist and finally admitted his feelings for Will. He was attracted to Will's mind and even his madness. Hannibal desperately wanted to be friends with Will, even though the man was his patient. Crazy!

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