Obama Kids Not Appearing on 'Hannah Montana' After All
Obama Kids Not Appearing on 'Hannah Montana' After All
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
It was previously reported, by Miley Cyrus' dad no less, that there are talks for the daughters of President-elect Barack to appear on Hannah Montana. Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, are said to be huge fans of the Disney show and were allegedly invited to appear in the teen series alongside global sensation Miley Cyrus.  Country rocker Billy Ray Cyrus confirmed the reports and said that Obama and wife Michelle are letting their kids to appear on the show to show thanks for supporting their dad en route to being the first African-American occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Less than a few weeks after these reports came out, elder Cyrus is putting the brakes on the news as the Obama kids will not be appearing on Hannah Montana after all.  Previously, Cyrus herself said she was already planning storylines for the Obama kids.

"Oh, to tell you the truth now, this thing got a lot bigger, a lot quicker than I ever planned," Miley Cyrus' dad told reporters at the CMA Awards in Nashville Wednesday, according to usmagazine.com.  This was after representatives from the Obama camp denied receiving any invitation for the kids to appear on the hit show.

"It's a double-edge sword for me because first of all, I have a great deal of respect for President-elect Obama," Cyrus said.  "I just mentioned about them being on the show, and it snowballed."

“They are cute kids and could have big showbiz careers.  But Mr. Obama would prefer them to get a good education under their belts before they do anything like that,” a source says.

Not only that, the country singer also had a change of heart about the whole thing being a good idea.

"As a daddy, I'll say to him what I say to any daddy, you may not want your daughter to get into show business," he cautioned.  "But if the girls want to be on the show, and him and his wife think it's a good idea, I always say, everything in life, what's meant to be will happen."

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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