'Hannah Montana' Star Emily Osment Talks 'Dadnapped'
'Hannah Montana' Star Emily Osment Talks 'Dadnapped'
Simply being a part of Hannah Montana is already a big deal for series star Emily Osment, but she still has other projects of her own to keep herself busy.  Her most recent movie, Dadnapped, just premiered last Monday on the Disney Channel.  It was pegged a success after it was launched, scoring 4.6 million viewers.  Even so, Osment believes that that victory wasn’t as great as the whole experience of filming.

The 17-year-old actress was interviewed by Just Jared Jr. before her Original Disney Channel Movie aired.  She discussed how fun things were behind the scenes, and also what it was like to be meeting new cast mates and spending time with old ones.

“Everyday was something new.,” Emily Osment said.  “We were always doing something crazy in the movie.  We had a blast.  We were shooting people with yogurt guns and water balloons.  I got sprayed in the face with yogurt.  It was so much fun.”

She was also asked how it was like being with the other stars of Dadnapped.  Osment explained that they finished the movie in two months, but she had a great time nevertheless.  “It was great,” she exclaimed.  “It was Moises [Arias], who people know from Hannah Montana, and David [Henrie].  All these people I knew from Disney.  It was fun.  It was all new friends and old friends and getting to run around Salt Lake City for two months.” 

In addition to that, she also talked about her new hairdo on the film.  While fans are used to seeing her as skater girl Lilly Truscott on Hannah Montana, Emily admits that they tried out something new for Dadnapped.

“I have really obnoxious bangs in the movie,” she said.  “The fact that my hair is perfectly curled throughout all the goop and everything.  We were trying to make it seem like I have this natural curl throughout the entire movie, it was just hilarious.”

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Disney Channel, Just Jared Jr.
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