Hannah Montana: Miley Spends Thanksgiving In New York City
Hannah Montana: Miley Spends Thanksgiving In New York City
As many people gathered to spend Thanksgiving with their friends and families, Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus was working. On Thursday morning, she appeared in the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, performing “I Thought I Lost You”, from her new animated movie, Bolt. Yesterday, the press caught up with her outside of her hotel as she signed autographs for her young fans and she shared what she is most thankful for this holiday season. “I think I’ve realized that mostly this year, because there’s been so many crazy ups and downs, and so many different things, and I’ve always had the same family to come home to that will treat me like the same Miley as I was in Nashville,” she said.

Though Miley may have spent Thanksgiving working, she'll be sure to take some time off at Christmas to just focus on the people she cares most about.  One of those people is rumored boyfriend, Justin Gason, though the Hannah Montana star remains tight-lipped about it.  "I love to spend the holidays with my friends," she told US magazine this week.  She continued on and said of Justin, "I think that we are really good friends, and we love hanging out and spending time together."  Not totally satisfied with the answer they received from Miley, US headed to Justin to ask him about the holidays.  "I don't know where she'll be but I hope she has a good time," he said.  "I'll probably be around somewhere, hanging with the family."

For someone who is just friends with Justin Gaston, Miley sure seems to be spending quite a bit of time with him.  Yesterday, Miley and Justin headed to see the Broadway production of Grease, which currently stars American Idol alum Ace Young.  Miley's mom Tish and younger brother Noah, 8, also attended and posed for pictures outside.

Check out Miley's performance at the Thanksgiving Day Parade:

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