Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus' Uvula Accidentally Cut On Chicken
Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus' Uvula Accidentally Cut On Chicken
Miley Cyrus is going to need help getting her pipes back on track, as she has fallen victim to a little accident over the weekend.  Cutting your uvula on a piece of chicken may sound pretty funny, but that's how Miley's voice sounds lately: hoarse and a little hilarious.  The Hannah Montana star was a good sport about the incident though, even asking a friend to translate what she had to say for her fans on her video blog.

For those who might confuse the uvula with another body part, let's make things clear.  The uvula is the small mass of tissue hanging in the back of a person's throat.  Miley explained what happened, saying “The way the nurse explained it to me is, you know that cartoon when that really obnoxious baby screams and you see that waggling thing around in their mouth?  That's a uvula.”

She went on to discuss the occurrence. “So I cut my uvula today on a piece of chicken,” Miley said.  “I put too much dressing on it and it got slippery and it got caught and it cut my uvula.” 

Below, you can see the video in which Miley tries to talk as her friend does her best to convert her words to something the fans can understand.  

Despite her cut uvula, Miley Cyrus is still hard at work with her career.  She was recently spotted on the red carpet, all smiles for this year's Golden Globe Awards.  Good news, since the 16-year-old luminary of Disney's Hannah Montana didn't seem to be hampered by her throat at all.

On the way to the Beverly Hilton Hotel, she remarked “I am so excited, this has been a dream of mine forever. I was like, ‘I really hope I get asked to come to the Golden Globes.'  And then I actually got nominated, so that's the biggest thing that could happen to a girl, especially as young as I am.  It's out of this world.”

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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