'Hannah Montana' Guest Star Has Miley's Back
'Hannah Montana' Guest Star Has Miley's Back
Despite Miley Cyrus' grand entrance during Oscar night, the Hannah Montana star still has controversy following her everywhere.  Lucky for her, she's got enough friends to support her along the way.  Her one time co-star, Alison Brie, talked to Us Magazine regarding the pitfalls Cyrus is going through in her career and gave Miley a thumbs-up about how she remains to be a good role model. 

Brie, who currently stars in the drama series Mad Men, knows how difficult it is to be part of the crazy world of show business.  “I think people are too hard on kids in the entertainment industry," she told the publication.  “It's a really tough industry to be in.  If your average Joe was put under a microscope and scrutinized the way Miley Cyrus is, they'd be doing a lot worse.”

Alison Brie continued to say how Miley Cyrus is doing a great job in being someone the public looks up to, even if she runs into trouble now and then.  “In general, she does great at being a great role model for kids.  Everybody makes mistakes,” Brie said.  She even added that Miley “knows when she's messed up.  We'll give her the benefit of the doubt.”

The actress said that Miley's recent involvement with a racist photo issue was something she was being targeted for due to her age.  Even so, many child stars have had the spotlight set on them for some time without creating as much hullabaloo.  Maybe it simply boils down to luck.

As for Miley's camera mishap, a blogger seems to have identified the “lone Asian kid” who appeared in the photo.  Sources say that he's model/actor/photographer Chuck Willis.  Though he's been getting numerous reactions to his involvement with the Hannah Montana starlet, he has continually refused to talk about it.  Willis says he would neither confirm nor deny his appearance in the said picture.  Perhaps it's best if we all just leave the entire matter at the back of our heads, then?

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: MTV, UsMagazine.com
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