'Hannah Montana' Actor Goes On a 'Big Break'
'Hannah Montana' Actor Goes On a 'Big Break'
These Hannah Montana stars are going places, but Moises Arias is ready to take a break, Beethoven's Big Break, that is.  The actor, who plays the wily Rico in the Disney series, was chosen to play the role of Billy in the sixth installment of the Beethoven series.  The film may have already been released on DVD last year, but Arias' admits that he will always remember the entire experience. 

The young celebrity said he truly enjoyed acting alongside the Saint Bernard who played the film's title role.  “We could play with him and push him around because he weighs like 150 pounds,” he said in an interview with Colorado's La Voz newspaper.  “I have two dogs and they weigh like 4 pounds.”

Despite having a great time on set, Moises Arias knew that it can also be tough to work with animal actors.  “When I watched the other ‘Beethoven' movies, I always wondered how they got the dog to do certain things,” he explained.  “Finally, I got to see how they train them.”

He might have found out the hard way, as he cites an example of his experience.  “[T]hey put baby food on me so he'd lick my face.”  On the film, Arias will be portraying the lead character's son.  As Billy, he finds that he's being followed by a dog as he walks on the street.  He takes him home to his father (Jonathan Silverman), an animal trainer struggling with his job and his life as a single dad.  They adopt the dog, and with the animal's penchant for Ludwig Van Beethoven's 5th Symphony, Billy names it Beethoven.  

Even though he wasn't born during the time the first Beethoven film was released, Arias admits that he was more than excited to do Beethoven's Big Break.  “I watched a couple of the movies.  I was a big fan of the “Beethoven” movies because the dog did a lot of tricks.” 

Moises Arias might have risen to fame in Hannah Montana, but he's also been spotted on a number of big screen hits as well.  He became known for appearing alongside comedian Jack Black in Nacho Libre, back in 2006.  He then moved on to projects for the Disney Channel, like the film Dadnapped in 2008.  Later on, he bagged a role in the baseball movie known as The Perfect Game, as well as reprised his role as Rico in Hannah Montana: The Movie.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Dogchannel.com, Extra News
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