'Guiding Light' Spoilers for This Week
'Guiding Light' Spoilers for This Week
Last week's run of Guiding Light ended with Josh (Robert Newman) enlisting the help of Jeffrey (Bradley Cole) to get rid of Edmund (David Andrew MacDonald), and someone returns to Springfield to possibly do just that.  Want to know who is returning and how last week's drama will continue to unravel? Read on for spoilers.

This week on Guiding Light, Detective Roc Hoover, played by former NFL player and ESPN analyst, returns to town and reveals Jeffrey's secret.  He later goes after Edmund.

Meanwhile, Edmund tells Alex about his plans to get Cassie (Nicole Forester) back.  He, however, ends up scaring Cassie when he decides to buy a house in Springfield.

Harley (Beth Ehlers), who decides to re-open her detective agency, isn't doing so well in her attempts to bring the Coopers together for Thanksgiving.  Rafe (EJ Bonilla) arrives and grills Cyrus' (Murray Bartlett) decision to spend the holiday with Harley.  Then Frank (Frank Dicopoulos) and Cyrus get into a fight, and later, Natalia (Jessica Leccia) shows up to give Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) an answer to his proposal.

News of Gus and Natalia's engagement sends Harley to the same bar as Cyrus, in whom she finds comfort.

Marina (Mandy Bruno) and Frank's relationship is also in jeopardy, as the two fight over Marina's ties with Cyrus.  Not knowing how to handle her situation, Marina looks for a new job.

Meanwhile, Daisy (Bonnie Dennison), who is planning a charity drive at school, gets stuck in an elevator with the pregnant Beth (Beth Chamberlin).

This week's Guiding Light will be pre-empted on Thursday and Friday to give way for CBS' Thanksgiving programming.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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