'Grimm' Video: Killer Spiders and Sausage-Making in 'Tarantella'
'Grimm' Video: Killer Spiders and Sausage-Making in 'Tarantella'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
There have been plenty of gruesome monsters on Grimm. But could there be anything more terrifying than a murderous creature with spider-like tendencies? It seems unlikely. You might be able to make a decision on that after you check out a Grimm video from the upcoming episode, "Tarantella."

WARNING: If you consider spoilers to be more terrifying as spiders, you probably should not continue. Otherwise, be brave and carry on!

In "Tarantella," Nick and Hank have to investigate a series of homicides that have definite spider-related features. Meanwhile, all of those fairy-tale creatures who have recognized Nick as a Grimm mean that the safety of both Nick and Juliette is in question. Amy Acker (of Angel and Dollhouse fame) guest stars in this Grimm episode.

In this video clip from "Tarantella," Nick turns to Monroe to help figure out exactly what sort of spider-related creature might be responsible for the killings. One warning, however: Graphic sausage-making is not the most disgusting image you will have in your head after watching this video.

If you're too busy or squeamish to watch, here are some of the highlights of the clip.

  • Monroe has the same attitude about spiders as me. They get to live only if they do not invade my space. Otherwise, all's fair...
  • Most people do not have manual sausage-makers like that. But it's probably not such a stretch for a wolf-man.
  • Spider creatures that eat their young? That would certainly work as a future Grimm episode.
  • OK, if I didn't already fear and revile spiders, I'm pretty sure a spider-creature that sucks the insides out of its victim would do the trick.
  • Being eaten after sex would definitely kill the mood.
  • Seriously? The spider expert is named Charlotte? Actually, that's kind of awesome.

The Grimm episode, "Tarantella," will air on Friday, February 10 at 9pm on NBC.

How do you feel about spiders? Is this inside-sucking spider definitely going to be evil, or is there a way for such activity to be merely misunderstood? Are spider stories or sausage-makers more disgusting? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

(Image and video courtesy of NBC)