'Grimm' Review: One Quick Temper and One Slow Burn
'Grimm' Review: One Quick Temper and One Slow Burn
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
In this episode of Grimm, Nick and Hank track down a Wesen with a quick temper, Monroe runs into trouble at the spice shop and Renard and Juliette discover they both have the same problem. 

A slow burn

Okay, so from the previews we've been seeing, I sure as heck thought that the Renard/Juliette storyline was going to be a much bigger part of this episode. But as it turns out, we only saw a little bit with each of them. In the beginning of the episode, Juliette claims that she remembers Nick but I knew after a while that it was going to turn out to be a dream. That was pretty cruel of them to put it into the preview clips though. We see that Juliette is still trying as hard as she can to remember Nick but at the end, when they are dancing and then kiss, suddenly she sees Renard: just like he did in the deleted scene (LLINNK**) from last week's episode. We now know a little more about what triggers the hallucinations. It looks like anytime either of them kisses someone else, they will see each other. But though the story has been a slow burn so far, things look to be heating up in the next episode. 

A quick temper

Nick and Hank were sent to hunt down a man, er Wesen, who had apparently taken off with his kid after beating up his wife. I had a feeling throughout the episode that all was not what it seemed, but I have to say that I did not see the attacker being the kid. That was a really nice twist. Also, Nick and Hank's hunt for the Drang-Zorn brought Hank even more into the world of a Grimm. Now Hank has seen Nick's trailer, his books and even his stash of weapons. Hank has even found out just how involved Monroe has been in all this and how long everything has been happening. Once again, I had to admire Hank for taking it all in stride and moving on with the job. Nick has one awesome partner there. 

An inner ear problem

After having such a heavy episode last week, it was nice to see Monroe providing a bit more of the comedy relief this time. His adventures tending to Rosalee's spice shop -- and ultimately giving a client the wrong remedy to his inner ear problem - were hilarious. 

A few of my favorite bits and quotes:

Rosalee checking into make sure Monroe was okay after Angelina. 

"Ride your bike over, I'll change your oil."

"I miss the good old times, when people just shot, stabbed or strangled each other. 

"You don't need guns or Kevlar for gardening." 
"Unless you're really dangerous fauna."
"Hey, they can't all be winners."

Nick taking Hank to the trailer.

"What did you give her?"
 "Why don't you ask my cat?"

"Nice, but can we just shoot him?"

"I owe him my life, Nick."

Monroe answering the phone, "Rosalee's Spice Shop." He just sounded so darn cute when he said it.

"Let me pose a hypothetical."

The little girl jumping up to hug Nick. 

Realizing it was the little girl who had been attacking people. Whoa!

Juliette and Nick dancing. 

Juliette seeing Renard when she kissed Nick. Uh oh.  

What did you think of this episode of Grimm? Are you as intrigued by this Renard/Juliette thing as I am? Do you think Nick will eventually find out? How will it be cured anyway? Sound off in the comments below!

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