'Grimm' Recap: The Two Sides of Nick
'Grimm' Recap: The Two Sides of Nick
This week on Grimm, Nick's latest case involves helping a man get away from the bad bounty hunter trying to kill him. In the process, he's forced to choose between his Grimm and cop side. How does he handle it?

Moral Battle

We knew that at some point, Nick might face the choice of picking one of his two sides -- being a cop versus being a Grimm. So far, he had seemed to find some balance -- in his eyes -- with the way he handled things whenever the two sides of him overlapped. This week, Nick is faced with doing something wrong as a cop, to do something right for the Grimm side.

As slowly as I feel like the season arc has been developing, Nick's has continuously grown. We've seen his struggles, and as he uncovers more of his Grimm past, knew one day he'd do something ethical, but we'd understand why he had to do that. This week, it's for his friends, which Nick blatantly says.

When a "freedom fighter" (from the good side) named Ian is trying to leave the country safely, even as he's being hunted by someone connected to the captain, Nick helps out. In the most unethical ways possible.

After Ian shoots and kills the bad guy, Nick arrests him, much to Monroe's dismay. But it turns out Nick's only trying to help Ian escape by dropping him off -- with an envelope with a fake passport (he had lost his papers) and some money. Not only that, Nick makes Monroe get rid of the body.

Were you able to rationalize Nick's actions?

Monroe and Rosalee

We get more moments with Monroe and Rosalee, which has quickly become the best part about this show. It's great to see Rosalee offering more than just being a love interest (Juliette, anyone?) and to see her and Monroe working as a team. I also like that she knows more about certain things than Monroe does. It creates a nice balance.

Whether anything more will develop between those two remains to be seen. The season is quickly winding down, and with the show back for season two, now the writers have more time to advance or slow down as much as they want. Hopefully, they don't make us wait TOO long!

Back to Normal

It was a relief to see Hank back to his old self again -- and really glad the show addressed his "love" with Adalind. The way he tells Juliette that he felt like he had been drugged, and that when he woke up, two strangers were there beside him -- was hilarious. Those strangers were, of course, Rosalee and Monroe. Sometimes I forget that Monroe and Hank have never met, and then I try to rack my brain. How could they have not?! Oh, because Monroe is Nick's best-kept secret.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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