'Grimm' Premiere Recap: This is No Fairy Tale
'Grimm' Premiere Recap: This is No Fairy Tale
After a pushback, Grimm has arrived on NBC. Fantasy lovers may have already checked in on Once Upon a Time, but do not get it twisted. Grimm is not sugary sweet with a cherry on top. No, sir. We're dealing with the bad guys here. Keep CSI in mind as you read ahead. You may just have to stretch your imagination a bit when picturing these villains.

Off to a Great Start

"Sweet dreams are made of these..." plays as a college student, wearing a red hoodie, is devoured by the Big Bad Wolf, maybe better known as a pedophile, as Grimm finally opens. Dectective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) is in town, talking to his partner, Detective Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby), when he sees a lovely young woman suddenly take a Buffy the Vampire Slayer demon-like form. Fast forward to the crime scene (the same song is playing) and there's a wolf's footprint in the forest. Creepy!

She's a Ninja!

Aunt Maureen dawns a gorgeous Britney-esque bald head, giving the illusion that she's ill. She creeps into Nick's home and awaits his arrival. On a short walk outside, Maureen tries to explain the family curse to her nephew. Their talk is interrupted when a nasty looking demon starts a fight. This woman springs up like a ninja in the night. They kill the demon, she passes on a necklace and information that his parents were murdered and she falls unconscious. Wow.

Maureen is Packing Heat

The trailer Nick's aunt has left behind is filled with "Grimm" paraphernalia. There's a closet full of any sort of weapon a demon-slayer may need, of course. Plus there's this really cool book explaining everything like the different demons and such. Old people are cool!

The Big Bad Wolf Strikes Again

A young girl in a red jacket is skipping down the sidewalk when she catches the "mailman's" eye. I like this approach. The story remains the same, yet there's not one specific Red Riding Hood. Our focus is the villain. Go get him, Detective!

Look, it's Jacob!

Okay, so maybe it's his much less attractive uncle, but he's still a werewolf. Nick attacks the poor guy as he checks his mail. He saw some young girls and turned into a hairy Mr. Hyde, so the detective springs into action. Nick sneaks back over during the night. Our wolfy friend jumps out of his own window and scares the poor guy before laughing and welcoming him in for a beer.

Creepy pedophile wolf empties a mail sack onto a young girl's bed in his basement. The innocent child is shivering. I would be pretty scared too if a dork of a perverted postal service man took a second glance my way.

MVP goes to Monroe

This good werewolf played by Silas Weir Mitchell is hilarious. Yes, the same guy that jumped out of his own window. Monroe is the perfect comic relief to this intense criminal drama. After leading Nick out into the middle of nowhere, he has a freak out and leaves him alone. Guess he served his purpose!

An OCD wolf?

Detective Griffin joins Nick to interrogate and investigate the Big Bad Wolf's oddly serene cabin in the middle of the forest. There's even classical music playing with overly excessive lighting, plus a lot of yellow. Who would have thought a wolf would be a collector of knick-knacks?

The wolf gives himself away, humming the familiar tune "Sweet Dreams." The detectives break back into the cabin, fight with the pedophile and eventually shoot him. He whispers "... a Grimm" to Nick before dying. They find the missing girl and the heroic music plays once more!

These last couple of minutes are a doozy!

Remember the first demon girl Nick saw? Well she enters in Maureen's hospital room trying to kill her with a potion. She instead, injects it into Nick, knocking him unconscious. Then, she hops in a car with Nick's boss! In the final moments of the episode, Maureen wakes from her coma, probably ready for a good fight.

This season of Grimm is looking to be quite the rollercoaster ride. Who is the blonde demon chick, working with Nick's boss? How will Detective Griffin face his partner being a Grimm, if he ever finds out that is? What shenanigans will Monroe get into next? Tell us what you think and keep watching Grimm every Friday night on NBC.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of NBC)