'Grimm' Episode 2.7 Videos 'The Bottle Imp': A New Wesen Plus Renard's Feelings for Juliette
'Grimm' Episode 2.7 Videos 'The Bottle Imp': A New Wesen Plus Renard's Feelings for Juliette
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Grimm season 2 continues tomorrow night with an episode called "The Bottle Imp." Judging by what we can see in the videos below, Nick may have more to do than just battle a new Wesen.

The first video shows us a quick preview of the episode and though all of the images flash by quickly, there's still a lot we can learn about tomorrow night's episode. 

Here's what we learned in the preview, plus a few questions that it brings up:

  • Juliette remembers Nick, but what about Nick does she remember? 
  • Renard and Juliette are going to see each other again. Will she remember him, too? 
  • Adalind is back and Nick doesn't look too happy to see her. 
  • Is Renard really watching Juliette get undressed?

The second video is a short clip from the episode showing Hank and Nick researching a new type of Wesen. 

Here are a few things we learned in the clip, called "The Drang-Zorn":

  • Hank is truly becoming a Grimm sidekick, research and all. 
  • Nick is happy to get some Wesen info in English for once. 
  • Their new quarry is nasty, short-tempered and prone to violent outbursts (sounds like fun).
  • The Drang-Zorn like to hide in tunnels so maybe the boys will be hitting the sewers. 

After watching the videos, the biggest plot points I can see so far are the return of Adalind and of course the whole Renard/Juliette thing. First up, why in the world would Adalind come back? She must know that Nick is going to want to kill her after what she did to Juliette so she must have one spectacular reason for returning to Portland. 

As for Juliette and Renard, I already talked about some of my theories based on the Shirtless Rage video NBC posted last week. But, this preview clip does give us a little more information. Now I'm even more sure that Renard has no intention (yet) of going after Juliette, despite the little fantasies that he may be having about her. Now whether or not he continues to feel that way remains to be seen. Also, there is still the question as to why he's having naughty thoughts about Juliette in the first place. I still wonder if their kiss connected them in some way, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. 

What are your thoughts after watching the clips from tomorrow night's episode of Grimm? What do you think of Adalind's return and the possible crush that Renard has for Juliette?

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