'Grimm' News: Claire Coffee a Series Regular, Jason Gedrick to Guest
'Grimm' News: Claire Coffee a Series Regular, Jason Gedrick to Guest
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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Grimm season 5 gets back under way tomorrow night on NBC and, just in time for the show's return, we have some fun casting news. 

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First up, Deadline reports that Claire Coffee has been made a series regular. This is great news for those of us who want to see more of Adalind Schade, Nick's Hexenbiest nemesis. Considering how much trouble Adalind has already caused on Grimm, I can't imagine what kind of destruction she'll be bringing now that Coffee is going to be on the show more often. Looks like Nick is going to have to start watching his back even more closely than before. 

Next up, TVLine reports that Boomtown actor Jason Gedrick will be guest starring on the show. Gedrick will play Craig Wendell, a murderer that Hank put on death row. But now that Wendell's days are numbers, he's starting to claim that his crime was in self defense. Not only that, but he's saying that "monsters" were involved. All of this is information that Hank would probably have ignored in the past, but now that he's aware of the existence of the Wesen, it doesn't sound so crazy to him. Gedrick's episode is set to air later this fall. 

I guess it was only a matter of time before we discovered that cases that Nick and Hank have handled in the past - before either of them were aware of Wesen - could be connected to actual monsters. How many times have Nick and Hank heard some crazy suspect talk about a monster and just assumed they were out of their minds? 

The question of course will be whether Wendell is in fact telling the truth or not. Just because there are actual monsters out there, it doesn't mean he's seen any. He could just be a murderer trying to get himself out of the electric chair. But if he is innocent, that will open the door to a lot of drama as I'm sure Hank will feel guilty about putting the guy away for a crime that wasn't his fault. 

Whether Wendell has actually seen a monster or not, this sounds like it's got the potential to be a pretty good episode. What do you think of the Gedrick's visit to Grimm and Coffee's promotion to series regular?

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