How Will Megan's Arrival Affect Meredith and Nathan's Relationship on 'Grey's Anatomy'?
How Will Megan's Arrival Affect Meredith and Nathan's Relationship on 'Grey's Anatomy'?
Robin Lempel
Robin Lempel
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
There are so many questions leading into the Grey's Anatomy season 13 finale "Ring of Fire" tonight. Sure, there's the obvious one: Is Stephanie Edwards dead? But we can't forget the whole other storyline on Grey's Anatomy's "True Colors." Megan Hunt is alive. And Nathan Riggs doesn't know.

Owen was going through some serious stress after he found out that his sister was alive after all. He was feeling all kinds of guilt for moving on with his life and giving up on her after all these years.

The problem? Owen hasn't told anyone besides Amelia. Not his mom. And not Nathan. As soon as Meredith found out, she rushed over to the hospital to tell Nathan. If Derek were alive, she'd want to know as soon as possible. Of course, she did get a little sidetracked by the explosion.

But how will this affect Meredith and Nathan's relationship? After months of the will they/won't they dynamic, Meredith finally agreed to start dating Nathan. She was getting over Derek and Maggie was even OK with it. So Meredith decided to go all in. Things were actually starting to get serious. In fact, Meredith was about to introduce Nathan to her kids. As Amelia said, the only one standing in the way was Meredith. That is, until now.

So could this relationship crumble just when Meredith finally decided to be happy? Of course things had to get complicated as soon as Meredith decided to commit. And Megan's arrival definitely complicates things. Nathan and Megan had been in a relationship, but Nathan cheated on her. Megan found out and called Owen, who told her to get away from Nathan. Ultimately, Nathan and Megan were supposed to transport a patient, but there was only room for one of them and it was going to be a rough ride. While Nathan wanted to go, Megan said it was her patient and she wanted to get away from him, so she went.

Megan was never seen again. But now she's on her way to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital from Germany. Even if she doesn't show up on the Grey's Anatomy finale, she'll definitely be around next season.

And there are bound to be some unresolved feelings. There's a definite possibility that Meredith and Nathan's relationship could end or at least be put on the back burner once Nathan sees Megan again. Nathan probably still has feelings for Megan. And even if he doesn't, he'll likely feel a responsibility towards her. And she'll be dealing with a lot: The trauma from the last 10 years as well as her feelings about her relationship with Nathan and his cheating.

Do you think Megan's arrival will affect Nathan and Meredith's relationship? Is Nathan over Megan? And could they get back together? Leave your comments below!

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