'Grey's Anatomy' Season 6 Premiere Part 2 "Goodbye" Recap
'Grey's Anatomy' Season 6 Premiere Part 2 "Goodbye" Recap
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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The second hour of the two-part Grey's Anatomy premiere begins on day 20 after George's death - a neither here nor there kind of time leap. Not too soon but not too far off, too. We open with ceviche Clara actually doing well, until she finds out about an infection that might require her to have a poo bag. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is furious at Cristina (Sandra Oh) for telling the patient - I have no clue what the deal is here.

Callie (Sara Ramirez), who was on a roll, is still upset at the chief and gets a job at Mercy West.

At day 22, they start making cancer and George (TR Knight) jokes. Apparently, it's never too early for cancer and George jokes. Cristina, who is undergoing therapy, says she will have sex with Izzie just to prove to her that she doesn't think cancer's contagious.

Callie asks Lexie (Chyler Leigh) and Sloan (Eric Dane) for fashion advice for her first day at Mercy West. Then she strips in front of the couple like it's the most natural thing in the world. "That's hot," Sloan gives his approval. She's in high spirits, but we know better.

The Chief (James Pickens Jr) is practicing monologues in his car, and in the middle of showering himself praise and accolade, doesn't notice the red light. A car hits him, but he looks OK, just a little frazzled. He is being wheeled to Mercy West, and of course, Torres is there. I mean Callie. And there's a doctor who looks kind of like Derek Shepherd. He inquires if Callie and the chief knew each other. The chief quizzes the doctor about the hospital's program, and he says "not too shabby."

At day 23, Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Cristina talk to Dr. Wyatt and Cristina is anxious to prove to the therapist that they're a normal couple - she calls Owen "honey" - huh. But Dr. Wyatt cuts through the crap and says she just wants him to be comfortable with her. When the trauma and war issues are brought up, and the choking incident, Cristina is taken aback. Way to go, Dr. Wyatt! She says the problem is that they don't talk about the disorder, and asks them to wait.

Back to Lexie's patient, she reads over an email that she intends to send her mum. The patient calls Lexie a bitch. This two have been through a lot, so that's OK.

Back to Mercy West, Andy (the kid who no one can diagnose) was referred by Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) to Callie, and the mom, who tells us she's a history major, is angry because no one seems to know what's wrong with her kid. "We can't sleep, and I'm scared," she says. "I can't be this useless." We know you can't refuse a pleading mom.

Yang and Bailey are fighting while operating, and Bailey is still upset over what she did. "What is your problem," Cristina yells, and I've got a feeling this is serious.

There's more people in suits who are talking to chief in the room. Derek (Patrick Dempsey) informs Sloan that the chief is making him chief - because he's retiring. Sloan offers him his congratulations, but just then, Derek tells him he's kidding. What is Derek exactly trying to do here?

Callie gets home and tells Arizona that it's inappropriate and manipulative what she did - but still, she did it. The scan doesn't show anything, which means the expensive procedure may have been for naught.

Lexie also gets home and finds the newlyweds - again, on the countertop - doing the deed again. And they really are doing it all the time, everywhere. Derek's head peeks out and, panting, he tells Lexie that the post-it wedding was really it.

Meanwhile, Alex (Justin Chambers) is being distant to Izzie (Katherine Heigl) in their trailer. She tells him that she wishes for a brain tumor so that he can see George. It's awful, she says, because having cancer, she doesn't have other "distractions" and she misses him all the time. Alex, who's a jerk, is insulted and tells her "real seductive" that she tells him she misses George. You kind of see his point, but come on, the woman has cancer and her best friend just died. What about a little consideration? And yes, the woman is your girlfriend! Most of the time, Alex is a jerk.

Shepherd goes to the chief's office to ask if there's anything he needs to know. Is the chief thinking of transferring to Mercy West because of the coup? Meanwhile, Arizona runs to Derek, tells him that she needs to run some tests that can get her fired. He says yes. Is he chief now?

Meanwhile, Claire - that's Lexie's patient - is starting to learn to walk with her prosthetic legs.

Arizona, who last we checked was lesbian, says she finally gets why people says Derek's McDreamy, who then proudly tells Karev that they consummate the marriage all the time, unlike Karev. Ouch.

Cristina says, out of nowhere, that she misses sex, right after Meredith says she's concerned about Amanda, who doesn't seem to leave the bench in front of the hospital. Lexie comes in, and Cristina calls her patient ceviche, which I think is quite funny. But she doesn't.

Thanks to Arizona's insistence, hard-to-diagnose boy finally gets, well, a diagnosis. Well, more thanks to Derek, but her stubbornness still deserves some credit.

Izzie and Alex are referred to another doctor because Swender apparently doesn't like dealing with not so major cancer patients, which is a good thing, and Bailey reminds the couple. The two hold hands. The cancer stopped growing, the doctor says, but there's no timeline, and we just need to wait and hope that the cancer doesn't grow again. There's a convenient plot device to get rid of Izzie - or Katherine Heigl - when she starts acting like a bitch.

It's day 37. Dr. Shepherd is operating on hard-to-diagnose boy, and insists that Arizona makes the first cut, because this is all thanks to her. Oh my god he's totally turning her straight.

Back to Lexie's ceviche, I mean patient, Owen tries to convince her to call her mother and do some work. Frustrated, Lexie informs Clara that people are calling her ceviche - which she finds funny, and the two share a laugh. O dear they can't stop laughing.

At day 39, Amanda is still in her Seattle Grace bench and Izzie comes to her to talk. "Get up," she tells, like an army commander, "now go get a life." She can't, she says, and Izzie goes on to talk about George. She reminds Amanda that she should do something because she is the girl who lived, while George died. "You lived," Izzie tells her, "so go live your freaking life."

"I don't know how," Amanda tells her. "But nobody does," Izzie says. Awesome exchange. Meredith's glassy eyes look on as Amanda starts trudging away. Way to go, Izzie!

It's another session with Dr. Wyatt, and Cristina makes a joke about Owen choking her. Dr. Wyatt is not amused. Things get serious, and Owen explains that she wasn't trying to hurt Yang. Of course, he wasn't. That's a breakthrough if I ever see one. And Dr. Wyatt confirms - "You made a start."

Ceviche Clara, meanwhile, makes her first step with her prosthetic leg, and tells Lexie that she's ready to call her mum (she's so British, kind of).

Lexie's voice-over about grief - and she goes in to move with Mark, who gives his own voiceover. Now it's Alex's turn, who comes home to their trailer, which is lit with a bunch of candles. Izzie orders her to take his pants off, but he tells her that he's still scared because she died in his arms. "I'm scared to move," he says, and fine, he's forgiven. Izzie's voiceover says surviving is hurting, and she's right.

Derek catches up with Miranda on the elevator. McDreamy's voiceover - and he shuts the elevator to confront Bailey, who tells him that things have been pretty heavy for her - O'Malley, Stevens, and she says she should stop caring too much for these people, because she needs to reserve those emotions for her son.

Her own voiceover about grief. Then Owen, who tells Cristina that he doesn't want to hurt her. "You can sleep in the bathtub," Cristina jokes. And she doesn't have a voiceover.

It's Meredith's turn, who sees George's stuff being taken away, then Arizona, who meets Callie in the bar. Meredith is crying, finally, the weight of the whole George thing finally caving in. "The minute you think you're past it, it starts all over again."

Yang gives the closer - "George O'Malley died" - and she nearly gasps at the realization. Acceptance? Nah, I don't think so. It's day 40, meanwhile, and the chief tells the staff that Seattle Grace will be merging with Mercy West, and some people will sadly get the axe.

Wait, so all of Callie's drama is all for naught? Hilarious.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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