'Grey's Anatomy' Season 6 Premiere Part 1 "Good Mourning" Recap
'Grey's Anatomy' Season 6 Premiere Part 1 "Good Mourning" Recap
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Back to regular programming on Grey's Anatomy, and we know who's dying and living, but we still love to see how they do it.

While both Izzie (Katherine Heigl) and George (TR Knight) are on the operating table, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) tells us the five stages of grieving. Stevens open her eyes, and George - surprise, surprise - flat lines. And Callie's (Sara Ramirez) eyes are all we need to see. Callie suffers a breakdown. She can't breathe, and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and the rest go to the OR. "We did everything," Derek (Patrick Dempsey) tells them.

No one knows if George is a donor, and the Chief (James Pickens Jr)  tells them that he has called George's mother. Bailey is still speechless. She can't move.

Meanwhile, Amanda tells Lexie (Chyler Leigh) and Sloan (Eric Dane) that John Doe is George. Alex (Justin Chambers) doesn't want to tell Izzie that George is dead. Sadly, Izzie remembers parts of her dream, and says George might die in the army. She wants her phone so she can call him.

Lexie points out that John Doe is too tall to be George, giving everyone a glimpse of hope that maybe George is not dead. Meredith has to explain to everyone that John Doe squeezed her hand and wrote with his finger "007" - but no one is buying it. Everyone tries to call his phone, but it goes to voicemail. Callie knows a foolproof way to be sure - a freckle. And when she does check, she starts shaking her head and it becomes official.

Boo, Lexie for raising false hopes. No one wants to answer their pages, and the Chief has to remind everyone that George jumped in front of a bus, so everyone answer their damn pages. Slowly, they disperse, except for Bailey and the chief, who mutters under his breath - damn it, O'Malley, and we know exactly what he means.

Meanwhile, Arizona Awesome Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) sees a kid who is apparently misdiagnosed. The mother of the kid notices that everyone's crying. And George's mom - oh crap - comes to see Callie. She reminds Callie that as his wife, she has to decide what to do with his organs. She says it's already hard enough telling the rest of the family that Georgie is dead.

Yang (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) hold hands in the ambulance bay and find a victim of a boating accident who's missing an arm. A couple of girls arrive with the missing appendage.

Arizona tells Callie to go home to cry and scream - huh? But she's obviously failing, if she's trying to comfort her. The mom of the kid points out that everyone's crying, including the intern working on her son. Arizona insists that there's no need to bring her son elsewhere.

Callie is debating with Alex to tell Izzie, so she can make the decision about George's organs. "You have to tell her, " she insists.

Back to armless patient, Sloan says that the arm can be attached. We learn that the girl is a backpacking traveler - Clara Ferguson. Meanwhile, the head of the hospital board asks Derek if she wants to be chief. Whoa.

Izzie just left a message on George's phone, when Alex tells her to stay alive and be strong for the news. This is it, folks. "O'Malley, he got into an accident. He's brain dead." "I'm sorry what?" Izzie asks. "George would give everything," she then adds in the matter of the organs.

Bailey, who hasn't said a word, is sitting on a bench outside, when Arizona sits next to him. Bailey tells her to go away, but Arizona is insistent on getting her opinion on the boy. In spite of herself and shaking and fighting back tears, she asks Arizona details. You really got to love Bailey.

Derek is trying to comfort Mer, who tells him that all she needs is for him to stay. Alex and Mer take Izzie to see George, with Amanda telling them sorry and that she feels terribly guilty. And Izzie looks at George's disfigured face, and holds his hand, and breaks down while the two look on.

Derek tells the Chief that the hospital board is planning a coup to oust him. Whoa.

Yang comes out of the OR to find no family or friends waiting for Clara so she orders Lexie to be her family and support system. She's going to wake up in a lot of pain, she says, so she needs somebody. Everything feels forcibly hushed in the halls of Seattle Grace.

Meanwhile, it's time to harvest George's organ, and of course Bailey is being emotional about it. She wants to know the names of the people getting all his specific organs - kidneys, lungs, liver, the works.

The next day, Yang and Owen make love - is this their way of coping? But they stop short because Owen is undergoing therapy. Yang calls boating accident victim ceviche. As someone who watches Top Chef, that is pretty funny to me.

Clara is awake and - is very British? Or Aussie? She says she hates the people who left her. However, she doesn't want to call her mum and opts instead to send her an email, which she dictates to Lexie.

And it's the funeral, and Amanda is the only one crying, or at least she appears the most shaken. Izzie starts to cry and goes away, followed by Alex, Cristina, and Meredith - aw, our interns!

And she starts - laughing? Laughing that George is dead, that the priest is doing classic rock lyrics, that Amanda is crying far more than George's mom when she haven't even met him. And she brings up the post-it marriage and everyone starts laughing. It's kind of creepy - and sad. When they see Amanda, they laugh even more. But soon, the laughing dies down and guess what, George is still dead.

Derek is kind of pestering the chief to make his decision, but he's all, back off, Derek. Sloan finds Lexie in the locker room. She needs to clear his locker but couldn't do it. And because this is Grey's Anatomy, Lexie sees parallelism between her patient and her life.

Sloan asks her, what did George have that all these women were so crazy about him when he wasn't exactly a looker? "Was he, you know, hung?" HAHA. Inappropriate, but funny, and it makes Lexie laugh.

Bailey discharges Izzie, and they hug. We know how affected Bailey is with all this, but she's got one tough exterior. I'm betting this will all come out soon, maybe in the next hour.

Andy - that's hard to diagnose boy - is back, and her mom is sure this is not growing pains. The other patient - ceviche Clara - is sending out more fictitious emails to her mum. She explains why she doesn't want to call her mum and continues to dictate her email.

Dr. Torres goes to see the chief about a job opening that wasn't happening, and it escalates into a shouting match, at one point the chief telling her that, well, he's a dinosaur too, like the surgeon Callie wants to replace. She storms out, telling him that any other hospital would love to have her. "I'm a superstar," she screams in the hall, "Don't say my name, I am too big a star for you to say my name." Oh dear, George's death is really getting to her.

On the elevator, she starts crying, and Bailey, who's beside her, doesn't do anything.

Meanwhile, Sloan is pounding on Torres' door, who emerges crying. Aw, it's the old couple. And Alex and Izzie get home to find Mer and Derek doing the nasty in the stairs. "On the stairs? Doesn't that hurt?" Izzie wants to know.

Louise O'Malley goes to talk to Owen, and says she's finding it hard to believe that his George - his boy - would join the army. If not for it, he would be at work on that day and still be alive. Owen says a lot of things but I don't buy any of them. Partly, he's to blame for all this.

Lastly, ceviche tells Lexie that George, in fact, is better off because he's dead. "Just let me die!" she starts screaming, and we see Bailey, still speechless, still staring into space.

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- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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