Grey's Anatomy: Season 3, Episode 13 Spoilers
Grey's Anatomy: Season 3, Episode 13 Spoilers
After last week's incredibly dramatic two-part finale on Grey's Anatomy, this seems like the right time for a lighter episode. There's no need to try and top what was an emotions-filled episode, and we could all use a little breather, including the characters. One of the larger, overlooked yet important aspects of running a prime-time drama is the pacing from episode to episode. Not only do you want to not go through tons of story and plot in short periods of time, you need to make sure that the tone alternates between light and dark. Grey's Anatomy, like most successful shows, does this quite adeptly. It's the old Shakespeare model: follow a tragic scene with a comedic one. I can't be sure, but I'm willing to bet that there will be no stories of dire consequence in tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy, nor should there be. Our spoilers for tonight's episode, entitled "Great Expectations", are once again provided by Isabelle, the indispensable proprietor of Spoilerfix. Spoilers for "Great Expectations":
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  • While rumors of the Chief's departure spread among the hospital staff, Bailey proposes the creation of a free clinic, and a Seattle Grace doctor receives a proposal of a different sort. Guest starring are Loretta Devine as Adele, Rachel Boston as Rachel, Jessica Stroup as Jilly Miller, Joe Holt as Steve, Michael P. Byrne as Mr. Miller and Kathleen Mary Carthy as Mrs. Miller. Source: ABC
  • The pit is hopping with patients who have problems raging from a sprained ankle to a chip stuck in a throat. Two doctors tell a man who says it hurts when he pees that they can take care of his problem in no time. A father brings his 11-year-old girl to the ER after she complains of cramps. The young girl wonders if she may be pregnant but doesn't want her father to know she had sex. She really doesn't want to be as the guy she had sex with a week earlier is not talking to her anymore, is it because he thinks she's fat? A man brings his girlfriend to the ER when he wakes up and sees she is barely breathing and smelling weird. As doctors take care of her, the man discovers that he doesn't know much about his girlfriend. A doctor complains of being nauseous and aching all over. Source:
-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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