'Grey's Anatomy' Roundup: Who's Leaving, Who Has a Budding Romance and Why the Show Is Going Back to Its Roots for Season 14
'Grey's Anatomy' Roundup: Who's Leaving, Who Has a Budding Romance and Why the Show Is Going Back to Its Roots for Season 14
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With less than a month before Grey's Anatomy returns for season 14, we have the scoop on relationships, who's leaving, who's coming back and a deleted scene from season 13.

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Who's Out of Grey Sloan?

Multiple sources revealed to TV Line that Teresa Ferrer's character, Leah Murphy, has been missing on the set so far this season and is not expected to come back. Leah originally joined season 9 but was fired by Richard in the season 10 finale. Last October, she was unexpectedly rehired at Grey Sloan.

Meanwhile, Sara Ramirez's Callie is another character who is not expected to return this season despite Jessica Capshaw's newly-single Arizona. "We love her and we miss her, [but] there's been no discussion of it," exec producer Debbie Allen told TV Line.

Going Back to Its Roots

Grey's Anatomy will be welcoming back Krista Vernoff, who wrote and executive produced the series for its first eight seasons. The return of Vernoff is expected to bring back some much-needed levity.

"Krista coming back is exciting. From the moment she stepped on set, she approached us all individually and talked with us and asked us all our deepest desires and dreams and about our personal life and has made a real effort to infuse that to Grey's Anatomy," Giacomo Gianniotti (Andrew DeLuca) told THR. "We have some new writers and fresh voices that are going to give this season an amazing new vibe and energy. It's going to be lighter and funnier. Krista wants comedy and wants people to laugh. That's the way she started it and she wants to continue that."

"We're touching base in a meaningful way with where we left off with all the characters from last season and to contain that much story in two hours, you have to keep it light, bouncy and fun -- and Krista Vernoff brings that shift to the show," added Kelly McCreary (Maggie). 

In another interview with TV Line, Gianniotti points out that although fans will still need tissues almost every episode, season 14 will have a much lighter tone. 

"It's funnier, it's sexier, it's lighter," Gianniotti said. "We're going to have fun this season. There's just been a lot of separation and loss, so we want to show the characters having some fun. Also, a lot of the men are single now, so we're going to explore what that dynamic is like."

A Budding Romance

The season 13 finale seemingly paved the way for a potential new romance between Maggie and Jackson -- courtesy of April, who took notice of the connection. This leaves plenty of questions not just among fans but for the characters involved as well. While it's not yet safe to assume a April-Jackson-Maggie love triangle, Maggie (at least) will be dealing with April's truth bomb.

"April left Maggie with a lot of questions. Maggie having feelings, Jackson having feelings -- that was something that had literally never crossed Maggie's mind," McCreary told TV Guide. "What [we pick up] with is Maggie trying to find out if that's true or not and beyond that, none of us knows."

What's In Store for Jo?

The past several seasons have been tough on Jo but she may finally catch a break in season 14. Apart from exploring her domestic violence storyline, love may be in the cards for her as well.

"We will absolutely explore Jo's story more," Camilla Luddington told TV Line. "I know that with the domestic violence storyline, we want to show the spectrum of emotional damage that can do to someone -- what their triggers may be, how it affects past and future relationships, the details of what she experienced -- and hopefully show recovery and healing. It will be very intense to play but I feel honored to be given the opportunity to tackle something so complex." 

"This season Jo may feel inspired by someone again," added the actress, who has heard Jo may find a new mentor in Season 14.

And now that her best friend Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) is no longer around, she may find someone else to lean on. 

"I think Jo is going to try and attempt to lean on Ben a bit this season," Luddington told TV Guide. "Is it successful? I don't know. I think she's trying to pull anyone close to her and that's another resident... As for other women, I don't know yet. That'll be interesting."

Eric Dane Reveals He's Only Watched Three Episodes of Grey's Anatomy

Eric Dane may have played Dr. Mark Sloan on Grey's Anatomy for six seasons but that doesn't mean he's an avid fan who religiously watches the ABC series. In fact, he's only seen three episodes during his time on the show.

"I watched three episodes of the show while I was on it," Dane told HuffPost."I was there when it happened, so I didn't need to see it." 

That doesn't mean, however, that he doesn't keep in touch with some of his Grey's Anatomy co-stars. "Shonda's great," said Dane, who is currently starring on The Last Ship. "I'm still friends with her to this day. One thing that you do with Shonda is that you don't deviate. That's one of the biggest lessons you learn, is that you stick to the script." 

Deleted Scene Reveals Catherine Almost Sidelined Bailey over Karev's Assault

A deleted scene from the Grey's Anatomy Season 13 DVD set obtained by TV Guide reveals that Karev's (Justin Chambers) arrest for beating up DeLuca almost got Bailey (Chandra Wilson) sidelined as Chief of Surgery. In the video, Catherine (Debbie Allen) questioned if Bailey was ready to handle the situation or if she needs to get someone else in. Fortunately, Bailey did end up firing Karev and she's still the Chief of Surgery.

Meanwhile, here's a peek at the fall promo for ABC's Thursday lineup, which features Shonda Rhimes' Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder.

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