'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: 'Get Us A Real Damn Doctor!'
'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: 'Get Us A Real Damn Doctor!'
Janalen Samson
Janalen Samson
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Remember when Grey's Anatomy was all fresh and shiny? When Meredith, Cristina, Alex, George, and Izzie were Interns and the Attendings (mostly Derek Shepherd and Preston Burke with an occasional splash of the then-Chief, Richard) and their resident, Miranda Bailey were putting them through their paces? "Love Turns You Upside Down" was meant, I think, to invoke those days, to remind us of how far the original interns have come and let us get to know the new crop of interns a bit better. Unfortunately, this premise fell apart a bit in the execution stage, mostly because the new interns aren't all that interesting, but I digress. I am mustering up my energy and enthusiasm now. Let's meet the new kids!


Unlike Cristina, I know the names of all the interns, bland as I generally find them to be. I'll start with Heather since she was a pivotal player in the "B" story of the week. Callie and Jackson have come up with a new plan to save Derek's hand. The surgery seems to involve a nerve transplant of some sort (I'm fuzzy on the details...whatever) and a live donor would work better than a cadaver, so Medusa (gotta love that) dispatches Heather to contact all four of Derek's sisters (Nancy, Amy aka Amelia, Liz, and Kate whom I believe has the full name of Kathleen) and see if they'd be receptive to being Derek's donor. I actually felt a little bit sorry for Heather as she found out way more than she ever wanted to know about Meredith and Derek and, indeed, got caught in their crossfire. But YAY! Or Not Yay, depending on your point of view, Liz has agree to be the donor and I'm sure we'll see much more of Neve Campbell next week.


Despite getting assigned to the "dud" attending, April Kepner, for the day, Shane decides to make the best of Lumps and Bumps duty. Things go awry, however, when the procedures they must do are so gross and disgusting as to actually induce vomiting. Kepner, still clearly off her game after breaking up with Jackson last week, snapped relentlessly at Shane, assuming he was at best putting in his time on her service or at worst mocking her. But she also taught him to treat each patient, no matter how horrific their ailment, with kindness and compassion. It turns out the kid was sincere (he even comes back the next day to help her) and (bonus!) April's example led him to being chosen to assist on Derek's hand surgery. Woot!


Intern Jo continues to have a contentious relationship with Dr. Karev. He calls her Princess, having assumed that her expensive watch and Ivy League education betray a fancy pedigree. She resents these assumptions and we learn by episode end that Jo's upbringing was the complete opposite of privileged. In fact she was abandoned by her mother as an infant and is a product of the foster care system. This took the wind out of Alex's sails and seems to add even more evidence to the theory that these two will end up finding True Love together. Too bad I'm not buying it. I see zero chemistry so far between these two plus I am tired of the male Attending/female Intern thing we've seen so many times on this show. Most importantly of all, Alex Karev does not need a doe-eyed, sweet young thing. He needs an adult. Alas, I think he's getting Jo. Ugh.

Stephanie and Leah

Are you impressed? Unlike Cristina, I have not called the interns by their dwarf names and have, in fact, managed to remember all five names! Yes! Anyway, Stephanie and Leah are on Cristina's service and manage to get into a fierce competition which ultimately leads to a medical mistake which almost kills a patient. Both are off of Cristina's service, banned from the OR until further notice and rightly put on probation. Yeah, not such a good day for those two, but I had to love it when Cristina Yang (!) gave them a stern talking to about knowing a thing or two about ambition and drive but that finding a way to work together needed to come first. You GO, new and improved Cristina!

Putting It Together

So here's the thing. I liked seeing the Originals 2.0 (you know, where Jackson and April replace George and Izzie...stay with me) teach, particularly Cristina and April, but a whole episode built around the new interns (who are kind of the Interns 3.0 but never mind)? Well, that was just way too much. One episode? OK, we all made it. But let's never do that again. In fact I am going on record now. I will never watch this episode again. Ever. It was...relaxing...zzzzzzzzzzz.

In the meantime we barely saw most of the core cast. They spent this episode MIA. I think I blinked and missed Arizona and Owen didn't fare much better. I like that Grey's is willing to try new things and even give us different points of view, but this episode clarified a hard truth: these Interns pale in comparison to the Originals. They work best in supporting roles, which is where I hope they will stay from this point forward...but I won't hold my breath.

I will close on a completely random note with the best exchange of the evening.

Leah and Shane are in the gallery watching Cristina and Stephanie performing a complicated surgery. Owen slips in as well to observe Cristina working her magic.

Shane (on Cristina, who has just done something fabulous): "She's incredible!"

Owen (smiling, mesmerized, proud and still a smitten kitten): "Yes, she is..."

Grey's Anatomy returns next week on December 13 for its winter finale, "Run, Baby, Run" on ABC.

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