Grey's Anatomy: Preview of Episode 6.19 "Sympathy for the Parents"
Grey's Anatomy: Preview of Episode 6.19 "Sympathy for the Parents"
According to the roundup posted earlier this week, tonight's Grey's Anatomy episode is one heavily featuring Alex Karev (Justin Chambers). It's going to take a lot to have "Sympathy for the Parents" top the previous Owen-centric episode.

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On tonight's installment, Alex's younger brother Aaron shows up at Seattle Grace-Mercy West. It's not just for a routine visit; it's because he has hernia. Though he isn't worried, there's a problem. Now, Alex has to convince Bailey (Chandra Wilson) to approve his pro bono surgery.

If that isn't difficult enough, things get even tougher for him because Aaron reveals a secret to the family. He hasn't heard from Alex since he arrived in Seattle, leading them all to expect the worst. But the resident hits rock bottom when hidden bits of his past rise to the surface.

As all of Alex's friends and colleagues learn more about him, would there be any pals left for him to depend on? He and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) have already struck a deep friendship, since he's even ready to kick Derek's behind for her. Once she finds out about Alex's secrets though, she may have a hard time standing by him.

Meanwhile, the reason why Derek (Patrick Dempsey) may be in trouble is because he wants children with Meredith. She isn't sure she'd make a good mother, so she tells Alex about her dilemma. So far, their buddy banter just keeps getting better.

On this next clip, we see Cristina (Sandra Oh) making a fatal error in the operating table. While she isn't the focus of "Sympathy for the Parents," this sort of hospital action needs a bit of the spotlight.

Not to be much of a spoiler, but the official description from ABC states that tonight's Grey's Anatomy episode will feature Teddy (Kim Raver) and Mark (Eric Dane) having sex for the first time. Fans of that pair should definitely tune in.

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Don't miss tonight's Grey's Anatomy episode, as "Sympathy for the Parents" airs on ABC.

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