Grey's Anatomy: Predicting the Big Crash
Grey's Anatomy: Predicting the Big Crash
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
The May 14 finale of Grey’s Anatomy may sound far off still, but we know from experience that once the current intense storylines build up and episodes start rapidly flowing from week to week, the show’s fifth season will be over faster than you can say metastatic melanoma.

That being said, I’m wondering what big finale twist Shonda Rhimes has up her mischievous sleeve this time.  Grey’s Anatomy, as far as I can recall, has been notorious for just wrecking, punishing one of its characters or two in season finales.  So far, the heartbreaking season enders include: Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) dying right after Izzie (Katherine Heigl) accepts his marriage proposal in season 2, Burke (Isaiah Washington) leaving Cristina (Sandra Oh) on their wedding day in season 3, and everybody kissing plus a house of candles courtesy of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) in season 4. (Well, OK, this last one wasn't heartbreaking, necessarily, but it was still good.)
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The way things look, there’s really no telling how the Grey’s Anatomy ending will shape up, or which single event will make this finale particularly memorable.  Izzie’s cancer will definitely be up there with the possibilities, as well as George’s (T.R. Knight) fate as a surgeon (and as a character on the show).  We already know that the heavily anticipated and perhaps long overdue MerDer wedding will not be on the season finale, as Shonda has revealed it’s going to take place on the 100th episode, which is right before the two-hour finale. So which is it?

If it is, indeed, Izzie’s cancer that will be the focus of the conclusion, it can very well go either way.  (In this note, Kudos to Shonda and her minions because she has countered every rumor with a rebuttal or yet another rumor.)  Now no one’s sure if Heigl is leaving or not.  That being said, Grey’s Anatomy fans, including those who didn’t like Izzie before, now want her to stay, after they realize that her character is this close to being written off.  Do we really want things and people when we can’t have them, when the prospect of their absence looms before us, when we suddenly realize Izzie is OK, after all?

Looking back, Izzie has had her share of a heartbreaking season finales.  So did Cristina and Meredith.  By virtue of elimination and elimination alone, plus the value of fairness, this can be a big season finale for George or Alex or both.

Personally, I want Izzie dead at the end of this season, just to give this whole storyline meaningful fruition.  Izzie surviving the barrage of surgeries and procedures unscathed would be underwhelming, to say the least.  However, this doesn’t mean the storyline will need to be a question of whether Izzie survives or not.  There are other shades of plots that can happen, and we just trust that the Grey’s Anatomy writers take full advantage of this creative renaissance the show is currently experiencing.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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