'Grey's Anatomy' News: Familiar Faces Return and Television Saves Lives
'Grey's Anatomy' News: Familiar Faces Return and Television Saves Lives
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Did you know that watching Grey's Anatomy can actually be beneficial to your health? And who -- of the many, many actors now gone from the show -- might come back? Keep reading to find out more.

Familiar Faces Return -- Briefly
When Grey's Anatomy returns for new episodes this winter, we can expect to see some familiar faces return -- briefly. Reports indicate that Kate Burton and Kate Walsh will both return in a single episode later this season.

The episode in question will be titled "If/Then" and will explore a whole series of alternate visions for life at Seattle Grace. Burton will reprise her role as Ellis Grey, Meredith's mother who died of Alzheimer's disease back in season 3. For this episode, Meredith will dream about differences in her life that would have resulted if her mother had survived.

What would those differences be? For one, there's the whole question of Ellis' relationship with Chief Webber. But there are other differences in Meredith's dream episode as well.

That's where Kate Walsh comes in. Walsh will bring Addison back to Seattle Grace for a vision of a universe in which the Derek-Addison couple never broke up. That cannot be a happy vision for Meredith, but that's dreaming for you!

"If/Then" will air at some point in February.

Grey's Anatomy Saves a (Real) Life
For all their private dramas and traumatic working conditions, the surgeons at Seattle Grace often do save lives. But those are fictional lives. As it turns out, however, watching Grey's Anatomy might also save a real life occasionally. That is what happened in the case of two young girls in Wisconsin.

According to an article published in The Sheboygan Press, Madisyn Kestell, age 10, and her friend, Katelynn Vreeke, age 12, administered CPR and called 911 after Madisyn's mother, Kandace Seyferth had a severe asthma attack and stopped breathing.

The interesting part? The girls claimed to have learned what to do from watching episodes of Grey's Anatomy. "Me and my mom watch the show every Thursday, and I learned it from there." said Madisyn.

Paramedics arrived quickly on the scene and were able to transport Seyferth to the hospital for further treatment within minutes. The fire chief on the scene stated that the young girls' actions did indeed lead to a positive outcome in the case.

See? TV is good for you!

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