'Grey's Anatomy' Marika Dominiczyk Doesn't Think Eliza Is a Villain
'Grey's Anatomy' Marika Dominiczyk Doesn't Think Eliza Is a Villain
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There's not a lot of love for Eliza Minnick ever since she stepped into Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to revamp their surgical residency program, but actress Marika Dominczyk doesn't mind playing the character everyone loves to hate on Grey's Anatomy.

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"I'm happy for the big kind of reaction because who wants to go on a show and be quiet and just be part of the scenery? It's nice to go and get your hands dirty and do stuff," Dominczyk told E! News. "I am totally in awe of the fan base and how strong the fan base is. This show has been on for 13 years. People crazy love it ... It just has a huge, loyal, awesome fan base which I'm so thankful to be a part of the show even thought people think I'm annoying!" 

While Dominczyk is aware of Eliza's unfavorable impact on the other doctors, as well as how her character has been perceived by fans, she insists that she's far from being a villain.

"I don't particularly think that she's a villain," Dominczyk said. "She is just super confident in her job and her ability and doesn't really open up so much to everybody, outside of work stuff, you know? It does take a little bit of a toll on her. But I guess it's not easy going in to anywhere and trying to change stuff because people -- like she said in the last episode, people don't like change. But she has to keep plowing through, so it's a lot of confidence and resolve and not taking it personally."

"When I first read the first script, where Minnick comes in and changes pretty much everything, it was a little daunting. I was like, 'Oh my god, I'm walking in here blazing.' She has no subtlety at all. She's just going for it," she added. "And I have to say it's been so much fun."

Being overly confident, however, might just be Eliza's downfall. On Thursday's episode, Eliza's plan to revamp the hospital's teaching program took a turn for the worse when a young boy's simple surgery resulted in his death.

Whatever happens to her character, Dominczyk is just fortunate to have been part of an amazing cast and show. 

"Everyone has been so fun to work with that I kind of feel like it's the best guest star role," she said. "Usually, when you guest star on a show, you have one storyline, and here I have a bunch and I get to work with everybody across the board. It's really been kind of amazing." 

How do you feel about Eliza? Do you still think she's a villain?

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