Grey's Anatomy: Katherine Heigl Back on Set, Dishes on Izzie's Fate
Grey's Anatomy: Katherine Heigl Back on Set, Dishes on Izzie's Fate
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Izzie Steven's fate has been the subject of much discussion among fans of Grey's Anatomy ever since it has been reported that her portrayer, Katherine Heigl, will be sticking around for yet another season. When we last saw the ABC medical drama, the cancer-stricken Izzie flat-lined while an image of Izzie in an elevator met up with George, who also flat-lined after being in an accident.

While Heigl remains tight-lipped about the exact fate of her character, she has hinted on the possible scenarios that viewers will see when Grey's Anatomy resolves its ambiguous season 5 cliffhanger on September 24.

"You last saw Izzie flat-lining, So, I won't give it away but...I'm there so I'm either there as a ghost 'on the other side,' or I survived a disease [stage IV metastatic melanoma] no one survives," Heigl said during a Monday visit to Late Show with David Letterman.

But seeing how Grey's Anatomy fans have criticized dead Denny's recurring appearance, the show is not likely to take yet another disastrous soapy turn.

During her Late Show appearance, Heigl also hinted that she's already back on the set of Grey's Anatomy, in which she worked for long hours.   

"Our first day back was Wednesday, and I keep saying because I hope it embarrasses them ... a 17-hour day," she said. "I think it's cruel and mean."

Letterman was quick to observe, "I'm guessing if you're working 17 hours, that means you're not dead."

"What if, however, Dave, I was in a bed in a coma for 17 hours, they could do that to me," Heigl said in response.

Aside from the long hours of work, one reason for Heigl's lack of enthusiasm on the set of Grey's Anatomy is the absence of good pal T.R. Knight, who negotiated an early release from his contract with the ABC drama.   

"It was actually kind of really great to be back," she said. "All my friends are there and at this point, they're sort of like family, but it was a little weird because [T.R.]'s not there anymore."

And while Heigl, who is contractually bound for another two seasons, hopes that Grey's Anatomy will reach the longevity of ER, which lasted for 15 years, she'd like to play Izzie "maybe not quite that long."

Katherine Heigl can next be seen on the big screen opposite Gerard Butler (300) in the romantic comedy The Ugly Truth, which hits theaters July 24.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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