Grey's Anatomy: George Wasn't Supposed to be Izzie's Heavenly Escort
Grey's Anatomy: George Wasn't Supposed to be Izzie's Heavenly Escort
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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We all know how it's going down next season of Grey's Anatomy, even though the two characters' tragic fate at the end of the fourth season was left hanging. Katherine Heigl's Izzie will stay for what is likely her last season, while the medical drama has pulled the plug on T.R. Knight's George.  By now, most fans have already accepted this tragedy but for others, the haunting image of an army-clad George waiting outside the elevator for Izzie is still hard to take.

For some reason, series creator Shonda Rhimes has decided to reveal that George wasn't supposed be Izzie's heavenly escort. Evidently, the scene was originally shot with Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Denny, a character who should have stayed dead in the first place (he returned in the fifth season episode "Rise Up," appearing to Izzie over a seven-episode arc that led to a monumental revelation regarding Izzie's cancer and was last seen in "Here's to the Future").

"I received the first cut [of the finale] on a Friday and something didn't feel right. All weekend long something was bugging me. And then I woke up Monday morning and it hit me, 'My God, it's George! When the elevator opens, it should be George we see," Rhimes explained to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello.

But Grey's Anatomy encountered two problems before they could come up with the finale.

"One of the two problems involved Katherine Heigl's location at the time of Shonda's epiphany. The other problem involved what T.R. Knight did to his head after production wrapped... The second problem involving T.R. Knight's head eventually became the solution," Ausiello revealed.

The first episode of the sixth season will air Thursday, September 24 on ABC.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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