Grey's Anatomy: Figuring Out Alex's Fling
Grey's Anatomy: Figuring Out Alex's Fling
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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Rejoice, Izzie haters. On second thought, not really, because this probably won't last long.

Alex's real-life alter-ego Justin Chambers on Grey's Anatomy said that a one-night stand that will "add spice" to the show is on the horizon. This after Izzie's January 21 resurfacing on Seattle Grace will reportedly do more harm than good.

Chambers adds, "I was totally thrown off by it. I think it's great though... The writers are really good at turning corners and taking your head for a little spin. It surprised me as much as it will the audience."

If Chambers watches the show, he would not describe his character hooking up with Mercy Wester Reed as "shocking" surely, so other than the obvious choice, who can the mystery girl be?

Michael Ausiello lists down the following suspects: Reed, Lexie (Chyler Leigh), Addison (Kate Walsh), Cristina (Sandra Oh), Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Bailey (Chandra Wilson).

We wouldn't even dignify the last option with a retort. As for the others, we've seen that a little alcohol can go a long way on Grey's Anatomy. Case in point: an inebriated Cristina kissing (a frankly very hot) Jackson.

Will an Alex-Lexie hook-up be surprising? Yes, because Lexie appears to be in a good place now with Sloan (Eric Dane). Will an Alex-Addison hook-up surprise us? Not really. Will an Alex-Cristina will? Yes, and it will also be out of character for Cristina to just be kissing people all of a sudden. And Meredith? Seriously?

That being said, Sloan's daughter seems to be an attractive option. The girl's 18 and, after the January 14 crossover with Private Practice, just dealt with a problematic pregnancy so that's also a long shot.

On the other hand, the one-night stand storyline shouldn't last very long, I would say. So Iz and Alex will probably be back together faster than you can say metastatic melanoma. That, or she'll leave Grey's Anatomy for good instead of drop by once every half-season.

Source: Entertainment Weekly
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