Grey's Anatomy: Episode 4.9 "Crash Into Me Part 1" Recap
Grey's Anatomy: Episode 4.9 "Crash Into Me Part 1" Recap
Previously on Grey's Anatomy, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) had drinks with Halfrek (Kali Rocha), Mark (Eric Dane) liked Hahn (Brooke Smith), Cristina (Sandra Oh) thought Izzie (Katherine Heigl) wasn't hardcore enough for cardiothoracic surgery, George (T.R. Knight) and Izzie struggled with their relationship, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) became chief resident.

Happy Thanksgiving! Because of the holiday, I will be recapping this episode of Grey's Anatomy while mildly buzzed on glögg, a Swedish mulled wine with almonds and raisins. And vodka. You really can't forget the vodka.

Anyway, tonight's episode is the first of a two-part series. It begins with Cristina dancing in Meredith's bedroom. Meredith is obsessing about what she would do if she didn't have Derek to have sex with. She wants to tell Derek not to see other people, but Cristina's solution is to just dance, man. Downstairs, Izzie is resentful of Cristina and Meredith's friendship, especially since she's not getting any with George.

We see Bailey at home with her husband and son. Husband Tucker is upset that Bailey is at the hospital all the time. Bailey asks him to meet her for lunch so they can talk about it, but then rushes off to work.

Meredith and Derek have another bout of sex in the call room in which she tries to tell Derek to keep his paws off other women, but she doesn't.

Lexie (Chyler Leigh) is still mad at Alex (Justin Chambers), but Alex manages to charm her.

Seth Green is McSteamy's patient! He had a tumor removed from his neck, so he only has a flap of skin protecting his artery. That's pretty gross, and I fear that this isn't going to end well, but Seth is so awesome that I will try not to think about his exposed neck. Seth flirts with Lexie and tells her that his girlfriend just broke up with him because of the tumor.

Hahn gets an emergency patient who has heart problems, but just as he is being rolled into the hospital, an ambulance comes flying in, crashes his gurney and hits another ambulance, causing it to roll over. Good thing they are right in front of the hospital. Callie (Sara Ramirez) briefly explains why the doors of the upside-down ambulance can't be opened, but I missed why. The driver of the first ambulance, whose name is Mary, had a seizure which was the cause of the whole accident.

Mary's partner in the ambulance suffers from internal injuries from the crash, and he's also a white supremacist with a huge, black swastika tattooed to his stomach. He refuses to be treated by Bailey or by Richard (James T. Pickens), so Bailey gets Cristina to examine him.

One of the two guys in the ambulance, named Stan, is a goner—as soon as he is moved, he'll bleed out and die, so there's pretty much nothing anyone can do for him except get his wife to his side. His partner Ray talks to him to keep his spirits up. His wife finally gets there, and it is incredibly sad. Meredith watches the paramedic's wife and realizes that she's never met the woman before even though they both work at the hospital together. She gets down on death and stuff, but Richard tries to build her back up. Emergency workers pry open the ambulance to get Stan out. They don't bother to give him a painkiller or morphine or anything, though. Stan yells at them to stop because the oxygen regulator is embedded in Ray's back, which caused a tear in his heart. Doh. Sadly, Stan dies shortly thereafter. Richard and Meredith decide that they need to examine Ray with an ultrasound to determine the extent of his injury, so Meredith offers to crawl in through the window to do it. Good thing she is so tiny.

Derek asks Rose, the nurse from last episode, if they can be friends, and points out that she has licorice stuck in his teeth. Later on, he notices that she is wearing an engagement ring on a chain around her neck and asks her about it. It's a personal question, but he feels entitled to ask it anyway because he says they are friends. However, we all know that Derek can't be just friends with women because that is against the nature of his McDreaminess. But what I want to know is why did Rose keep her ring if she called off her engagement?

Chandra Wilson, as usual, shows amazing acting chops, as Bailey struggles with treating the white supremacist. He insists on having at least one white doctor in the OR while Cristina and Bailey operate on him to make sure that they don't decide to kill him while he's under, so Bailey gets George to join them. Bailey calls on Jesus just before cutting him open across his swastika with her scalpel. Unfortunately, because Bailey is elbow-deep in a Nazi's gut, she misses her lunch date with Tucker. She also no longer wants to be referred to as the Nazi either.

Derek has drilled a hole in Mary's brain, but just as he's done that, the imaging computer goes dead.

Hahn asks McSteamy for help with her heart patient, but he responds by asking her out for drinks. She gets snippy with him and puts him in his place. He agrees to co-operate with her, and lets Alex scrub in with him.

Ava shows up today. She wants to hang out with Alex and asks him to sneak her in to watch the surgery he's scrubbing in on with McSteamy and Hahn. So she puts on a pair of scrubs and sits in the gallery to watch Alex's surgery. Unfortunately, she blows her cover by remarking to Lexie how amazing surgeons are. Ava says that she's here to watch Alex operate, which upsets Lexie and makes her think that Alex might be a bigger douchebag than she thought.  Lexie goes back to Seth Green, who suggests that she go out with him to get revenge on Alex. I'm detecting notes of Scott Evil in his performance as Patient Nick tonight. He starts to laugh about his awesome plan, but his laughter causes his artery to burst. It's really gross. It gets bulgy and pops and spews blood everywhere.

Tune in two weeks from today for the conclusion of this two-part Grey's Anatomy event.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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