'Grey's Anatomy' Aftergasm: Conservation of Happiness at Seattle Grace
'Grey's Anatomy' Aftergasm: Conservation of Happiness at Seattle Grace
Look, people, I like to think that I am immune to grand romantic gestures. I was recently made to watch Twilight in its entirety while live blogging it with my coworkers, and the so-called romance between Bella and Edward went right over my head. (I was more interested in the mundane details of the Cullens' lives, like whether they move every four years so that the kid vampires can go to a new high school, or why Carlisle and Esme don't home-school the kids, or why Carlisle is a doctor, even. Do you need a profession if you are undead?)

But back to my original point. I tend to roll my eyes at things like proposals and romance and love, but Derek's proposal on last night's Grey's Anatomy was absolutely perfect! How glad am I that Derek (Patrick Dempsey) didn't go through with his original, hackneyed proposal idea of lighting candles and scattering a bunch of rose petals on the bed! Instead, he decorated the elevator, where so many consequential moments have occurred throughout the series, with brain scans chronicling the medical journey he has taken with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). It was beautifully done, and so perfectly them. I was seriously swooning when he did it, and I usually hate him!

The elevator of brain scans was Derek's version of Meredith's house of candles. It was especially meaningful because Derek finally recognized the pain Meredith has been through, which even led to a suicide attempt, is not an indication of her brokenness. Her dark and twistiness is what gives her the strength to help other people when they are feeling hopeless, just like he was feeling when he was drunk and hanging out at the trailer. His beautiful gesture doesn't excuse the fact that he behaved so wretchedly to her so many times in the past, but he did make my heart melt just a little bit.

(Incidentally, I had dinner with my boyfriend immediately after watching Grey's Anatomy last night, and I couldn't contain my enthusiasm about the proposal scene, describing it to him in excruciating detail. I hope he didn't take it as a hint. Or maybe I hope he does!)

Unfortunately, this being Shonda Rhimes' universe, one character's happiness must necessarily be balanced by her best friend's pain. Cristina (Sandra Oh) endured a very intense and frightening episode last night when she came face-to-face, or rather, hand-to-neck, with Owen's very real post-traumatic stress disorder. While spending the night at Cristina's, Owen (Kevin McKidd) had a nightmare, most likely triggered by the helicopter-like ceiling fan blades above Cristina's bed, and he woke up with his hands around Cristina's neck, choking and nearly killing her. Fortunately, the struggling caused enough noise and commotion that Callie (Sara Ramirez) came in from the other room to stop him just in time. This might have been the scariest moment in Grey's Anatomy history. I am deeply uncomfortable with the fact that Cristina decided to stay in the relationship and defend Owen, even becoming intimate with him later on in the episode, but I just have to stand up and applaud how Sandra and Kevin completely rocked the hell out of their acting last night. Amazing job by both of them!

The scary choking event also gave Meredith and Callie a chance to step up and be awesome and supportive to Cristina, which they did in spades. Now, if only they did the same for Izzie (Katherine Heigl), who would have spent the entire day alone if it weren't for Bailey (Chandra Wilson), who was back to her first season awesomeness.

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Best In Show

Best Quote:

Richard (James Pickens Jr.): “Karev, just checking in, see how you're co— See how you're doing.”

Bailey: “Tomorrow, do better.”

Alex (Justin Chambers): “I snooged into a cup for you today.”
Izzie: “Um, thank you?”

Best Scene:

There were two scenes that blew me away in “Elevator Love Letters,” but for two very different reasons. One was the choking scene, and the other the proposal. But I've already written enough about these scenes. (See above.) But I think that Alex's heartbreaking monologue to Meredith about how he should have recognized Izzie's symptoms sooner might be the best. Alex is usually so strong and emotionally removed, but hearing his voice crack and lamenting that this is not the way things are supposed to be made me die a little inside.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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