Grease Collides with The Grammys as Live Competition Begins
Grease Collides with The Grammys as Live Competition Begins
Grease You're the one That I Want enters the most crucial phase of its existence tonight as the final twelve begin live performances judged real-time by the at home audience.  The hope is, this shift in format and raising of the stakes will bring Grease a little of the 'Idol' effect.  However, with the Grammys starting in its second hour, Grease has an up hill battle ahead of it.
The Cincinnati Post reports that year ago when it was American Idol going head to head with the Grammy Awards, it was Idol's wannabee's that pulled in the ratings.  Grease has been struggling and at worst, floundering to maintain anything remotely resembling American Idol's fervor.

NBC did the only thing they could to give Grease a fighting chance,  they moved the beginning of the show back an hour to start at seven.  A move that could confuse the already dwindling fan-base,  Grease fans who missed the memo might tune in at eight, realize they've missed the first hour, and just keep on clicking.

The Grammy could, as well, impact voting participation.  A large number of Grease fans may be tempted to start doing a little parallel viewing during Grease's second hour and miss out on the necessary info to vote for their favorites.

It is altogether possible that none of this will happen and the presence of Andrew Llyod Webber and the new live format will haul some skeptics off the fence to bolster Grease's anemic ratings.