'Graceland' Review: A House Divided
'Graceland' Review: A House Divided
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The situation between Briggs and Mike hit a breaking point on Graceland. The episode may have been titled "Happy Endings," but there were none to be had. Even though Mike told Briggs the truth about his investigation, he didn't get the truth in return. The outcome was a split team with Mike and Paige working against Briggs and Jakes. And, poor Charlie was left to her own means to investigate Briggs which left her at the greatest risk.

Consorting with the Enemy

Oh boy, Charlie! She's gotten herself into quite a mess with her "Federale" friend, a.k.a. Jangles, the serial killer! The scene the contrasted the two of them preparing for their day of work was jarring and disturbing to see. 

Charlie was using her make-up tools to look good for the day, while Jangles reviewed his torture and killing tools. She's lucky that she received the call with the drug dealer tip. Jangles was ready to make her day very unpleasant.

Now that Johnny has inserted himself into her investigation, will he become a target too? Or, since he has seen the "Federale," will he be the one to save her from Jangles? Either way, they both need to be careful.

It's too bad that Charlie's right about Briggs, but had to team up with an unknown man to uncover the truth. If Johnny would have kept his mouth shut to Briggs and helped Charlie, neither of them would be in their current mess.

At least, Charlie was cautious enough to keep the name Paul Briggs to herself.

Sucker Punched

Mike and Briggs were playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse. At least neither of them put their lives at risk like Charlie has done. Instead, they were trying to outplay each other to get to Juan's car and the recording first.

Mike's tracker may not have been effective, but it didn't matter. Mike and Briggs ended up at the same place through different investigative means. The look on Briggs' face when Mike walked in as his partner in crime was hilarious.

Sorry, Briggs. Mike had him beat not only then, but during their uncover crime bust. Mike's move to handcuff Briggs was sharp. Sucker Punched, indeed. With that move, Briggs decided to give up and head out. Or, did he? 

We'll have to wait and see what Briggs decides to do with his Go-Bag. Could he have gotten his hands on the recording? Or, will he find out that Mike never got it? A mystery to be answered in the season finale.

Briggs and Mike's actions will also have greater repercussions on the house since they forced Jakes and Paige to take sides. Trust between housemates is going to be difficult to regain. Though, perhaps they can start by putting the truth out there. 

If Mike, Paige and Jakes all come together and share what they know, perhaps the real truth will come out. They can help Briggs and restore some semblance of order in the house.

A Bit of Humor

Despite the serious nature of what was going down, there was some humor in the hour. Johnny's pancakes were fun and brought some light into the otherwise dark house. Who wouldn't want to eat the octopus pancake with eyes? 

And, the aftermath of the crazy non-surprise party with the bouncy house between Charlie and Johnny was kinda cute. They were both upset with each other, but they still were able to have fun banter about the knife-attacked bouncy house.

The funniest line came from Paige when she told Mike they were going, "To get me pregnant." Too bad all that meant was putting on a pregnancy belly. Those two are kinda cute together and I wouldn't mind seeing them hook-up. What do you think?

Who has the recording? Will Briggs leave? How can Graceland survive this mess? Will it go down in flames?

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