'Gossip Girl' Season 5 Guide
'Gossip Girl' Season 5 Guide
Last season, the main mystery on Gossip Girl dealt with manipulative Juliet Sharp's agenda against Serena at Columbia University. Another mystery was the battle for power at Bass Industries against enemy Russell Thorpe. Serena tried to date her old teacher, who Lily sent to jail; Lily had to face the consequences of her actions from her family and social circle. Blair got engaged to prince Louis of Monaco, but her troubled relationship with Chuck became an obstacle. The season also focused on Dan and Blair's growing relationship, giving Blair three possible suitors. And the deteriorating Dan and Vanessa friendship faced a blow when Vanessa stole and published Dan's tell-all novel about his friends on the Upper East Side.

What to Expect on Gossip Girl Season 5

First, many of the original cast members of Gossip Girl are gone including Taylor Momsen, Jessica Szhor and Connor Paulo, who played Jenny, Vanessa and Eric, respectively. On the other hand, Kaylee DeFer joins the cast as a series regular, coming back as con artist Ivy who posed as crazy cousin Charlie last year.

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The Gossip Girl season 5 premiere takes place in Los Angeles where Serena is works as a production assistant in Hollywood. Chuck and Nate are also in L.A. on vacation. While Nate gets involved with an older woman played by Elizabeth Hurley, Chuck appears to have a new attitude as he struggles to get over Blair. Speaking of Blair, she's pregnant and so is Dorota. The question is: Who is Blair's baby daddy?   

Meanwhile, on the Monaco front, Blair's new royal family is a prominent force as Blair plans her wedding in New York with some tension. French actress Roxane Mesquida plays Louis's sister, a Blair-like meddling manipulator determined to sabotage the wedding. Lost alum Marc Menard will play Father Cavalia, a priest from Monaco who has ties to Prince Louis. 

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As Gossip Girl season 5 progresses, expect to see a severely injured Chuck when he finds himself mysteriously in big trouble. Is Monaco's royal family possibly to blame? Are we rooting for Chuck or against him? 

Gossip Girls airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.
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